By Lonesome - 01/01/2014 06:41 - United States - Bossier City

Today, I realized just how lonely I am when I tried to time my ejaculation to happen right as the new year started. FML
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Llamacod 11

The best way to start out any New Years is with an ******


JMichael 25

That's one hell of a goal to set. Try again next year OP.

Well, did you get it? I demand a follow-up!

This comment had exactly 365 likes haha

Llamacod 11

The best way to start out any New Years is with an ******

Exactly. Better than mine because I slept right through the countdown.

challan 19

I agree. I'm 100% sure that OP wasn't the only one. Don't ask how I know.

The only way that you can be 100% sure that OP wasn't the only one is, if you were witnessing someone else doing it, or doing it yourself too... so which one is it.. ? ;)

JMichael 25

But that just reeks with the smell of please ask me, I'm itching to reveal my secrets.

I'm genuinely not sure why #21 is being downvoted--she's right.

DavidKnows 11

It WOULD be quite a feat to time that right. Keep setting the bar high for the rest of us, OP.

nyellow 6
arandomusernameaa 20

natural, biodegradable and free fireworks! and white for Winter!

ThomasBombadil 31

Didn't Sting used to be into things like this? Guess you're in good company!

So you fapped once in the year? Amazing self control.

He fapped continuously from 2013 to 2014.

bigdaddyeric 35

No, twice as it changed from year to year while fapping....