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  Today, I realized just how clingy my boyfriend is, when he pulled out in the middle of sex, lay down and hugged me, and said in his "adorable" voice that he didn't really want to have sex, but cuddle. I wouldn't mind if it didn't happen so often. FML
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  TrueTriage  |  16

I agree with 1 its no big deal if you talk to him about it and if the boyfriend really loves OP I think he can "bite the bullet" and have sex with OP

By  abekhan  |  0

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  walmartpaysme  |  15

We all knew the "kick your relationship to the curb if it isn't perfect" commenters would be here. Relationships take work people. It's not all magic and fairytales.

  jelly713  |  19

Over-rated & over-used response.
That is not really a good reason to dump someone in my opinion. It's not like the boyfriend comes off as a jerk to OP.

  cr3ativity  |  15

Since when?

Always, though with today's metrosexual standpoint, I'm glad that there is an advancing approach towards equality between genders.
In that being there will be a dissolution in the so-called double standards enigma we face today in western society.

  Silent_Thrill  |  17

Seriously! It makes me no less of a man when I just wanna cuddles... or want some attention... or just want her to notice my new hair cut or new shoes! Is that too much to ask!? *runs away crying*

But seriously, if wanting to cuddle and be sweet is feminine, then I'm the biggest Mary on the street!

  cr3ativity  |  15

But this had not yet been achieved, and thus I will continue to play this cruel game that modern society torments rational thinkers (such as you and me and everyone else who understands that men and women are equal in all aspects, save for anatomical differences).

  Shrike  |  22

^ TL;DR: "I got called out on being a stereotyping, macho pig whose head is stuck in kindergarten, so I'll just pretend it was deep social commentary."

  cr3ativity  |  15

"sexual equality" has nothing to do with buying into a stereotype?

This is a fallacy on your part, there is a definite connection between these two.

  gracehi  |  31

36, First of all, if you're attempting to appear intellectual, you'd do better not to write a run-on sentence. Second of all, the fallacy is on your part, in that you misunderstood my point. Men aren't magically becoming more affectionate because the feminist movement has somehow affected their hormones. Or are you simply admitting that you're sexist? As I pointed out, you're the one buying into a sexual stereotype here.

  djgoreo  |  12

cr3ativity, dude...You are really sucking right now. The main enigma is whether your attempted intelligence even makes sense. You also capriciously flip-flopped your position in this argument, which led me to believe that you may be birds of a feather with the archetypal elected politician. In words that you can actually understand, shut up, you fake flake.

  desireev  |  17

100- You have a really good point here. It's, actually, really common to ejaculate without having an orgasm. Women ejaculate almost every time they have sex. When a woman is "getting wet", she's ejaculating. Not necessarily having an orgasm... But she has, in fact, ejaculated.