By PackingSpaceHeat - 11/10/2009 13:21 - United States

Today, I realized I've been acting very paranoid lately. I was mugged a few weeks ago, so I've been nervous. I've been holding my hands in my pockets and looking around on my way outside from work. Apparently, that's grounds to arrest someone under suspicion of carrying a concealed weapon. FML
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is that a concealed weapon or are you just glad to see me?

lendmeyourteeth 0

hah so, you didn't have a weapon so nothing serious went down


lendmeyourteeth 0

hah so, you didn't have a weapon so nothing serious went down

If you didn't have a weapon it doesn't really matter.

This dude lives in New York, living in NY...I can pretty much say that 90% of the cops are assholes. They don't need a legit reason to give you a ticket, they don't need a legit reason for anything can fight it, but usually they side with the cops because the cops talk out of their ass to defend themselves. xD

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If you voted for Rudy Gulliani, it's a total YDI.

Dude, I'm from New York. I've never had a cop stop me or anyone else I know for no reason whatsoever.

It is called "under SUSPICION of carrying a concealed weapon" this is a stupid FML.

is that a concealed weapon or are you just glad to see me?

Nice! I've been hearing those kind of jokes lately.

jisaac09 25

No, its just a concealed weapon perv.... lmao...

This shoudnt be fml the police came and searched you then thats it, no big deal

You either were carrying a weapon or not, if you were, YDI, if not, you were arrested.

your a dumb ass. new Yorks dumb ass gun laws are rediculous. here in ky no cop would do that. see, in Kentucky, we actually believe in the second amendment, and only have to register automatic weapons and silencers. so screw off you commie.

here's somethin that's really gonna piss tour commie ass off. in 2008 the NRA (national rifle assosciation) estimated that there was at least 1 firearm per person. that was over 300 million... in 2008... after obama's election guns have been flying off the shelf. oh ya, Americans own over 300,000,000 of the 875,000,000 firearms owned by private citizens world wide.... we also have more firearms than all of the worlds organized armed forces. look it up if you don't believe me.

that's why foreign countries don't like to mess with America. there would be people shooting at them from everywhere. the enemy country would lose alot of people for every inch of land they get.

Unless they invade NY first. Apparently it's almost as difficult to get a gun there as it is over here in the Uk.

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**** NY gun law i still have to obey it but thats why i moved out of that dangorous shit hole

were you carrying a weapon or not? ydi for being suspicious

The OP had every right to be suspicious and paranoid, they were mugged, that's not something you get over automatically.

So now it's illegal to FEEL a certain way? Are you serious?

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It's no big deal... Unless they did a full body cavity search.

You didn't get arrested you dumbass. You were detained and questioned.

Fake. Either that or you weren't really arrested. You're clearly a moron.

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If you were/are black, this is TOTALLY understandable. (No offense to anyone if I did happen offend them.)

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So you think he may have once been black, but isn't anymore?