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Today, I realized I need a new job when I had to take anti-anxiety medication before meeting with my boss. Last time we met, I had a panic attack. FML
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The whole world is getting crazy stressful!

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It's not her, it's you. Any boss is going to cause you to have panic attacks. This is why you should go into work drunk or high. You should alternate your alcohol and your weed so you don't get addicted to either. Plus, it'll be more fun for your co-workers to tell which "medication" you are on.


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So your saying you took a chill pill?

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have you ever told your boss that they frighten you and he/she takes every opportunity to make you jump/get scared?

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Is your boss Mr.T, Chuck Norris, or Bruce Lee?

1- I hate when people waste the 1st comment.. At least come up with something interesting, funny, creative, or even slightly intelligent.

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pie30 0

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pie30, NONE of your comments are that creative. You just keep repeating the usual "my peepee" or "go habs". fmylife has too many idiots already. Either create a good to excellent comment or leave. Your choice...

wow wat a pussy march into that meeting.. LIKE A BOSS that way u intimidate him

10- you got thumbed down too. What an ironic coincidence! *standing ovation*

Take a deep breath and try again, imagine him/her without his/her pants

...unless the boss is like, 90. Wrinkles in places you never knew. o.e

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I don't think this method has ever worked for anybody who's older than 6.

That method can be distracting when you're having a presentation in front of a class..

28- shroomsonacid I think you should stop trying to give off the image that you're some kind of psychonaut... You obviously aren't... Your name says shrooms on acid... With that I'll assume you like both Acid is cool and all, but from my experience, acid has very little psychonautic uses and is rarely used as some kind of entheogen... Meaning its just to get really tripped out and sometimes ****** up... So you' shouldn't be on erowid as your description says... We don't need more people like you and the ones that read your description on erowid posting stupid trip experiences with this mentally *herp derp this part was cool but then it wasn't because I wanted to get more ****** up derpy derp*

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78) -slingshots a chill pill down your throat-

80- shut the **** up the comment was obviously not meant for you... Regardless... What is so hard to understand about it you are obviously knowledge deprived if that was hard for you to understand

Actually #78 I don't think anyone understands what your pointless driveling spew of nonsense comment is about. Nice try though.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

78 - I think you should stop giving off the vibe that you know anything about me, or Erowid and acid for that matter. To say that all Erowid is is just a bunch of people writing lame experiences means you haven't bothered to look at 95% of the site. Also, while mushrooms do often produce a more spiritual trip, it's very stupid to generalize that acid is only to "get you ****** up". If that's what you use it for, that's your problem. You can gain wisdom and understanding through absolutely any experience you have in your life, as long as you're looking for it. Making such stupid assumptions makes you look like a dickface.

What exactly is so hard to understand about it? The person it was meant for I'm sure will understand Regardless... I don't understand... Can you tell me what part of my confusing... And don't give a stupid answer like *all of it* I wanna know at least one specific confusing part

90-shroomsonacid I've actually read most experiences there... Enough to notice the more recent ones have the mentality I pointed out... At least more so than the older ones So what I'm saying is don't even mention erowid... Also... You wouldn't agree acid is rarely used as an entheogen? For me... Use of psychedelics for un entheogenic or learning purposes is stupid... Same goes for dissociatives For example...the amount of retards posting their experiences with dissociatives specially dxm has gone way up... I don't think you can say otherwise without lying

ShroomsOnAcid 16

97 - You either haven't looked at the site, or are just an idiot. I'm leaning towards the latter. Again, if the only section of Erowid you've seen is the experiences subsection, that's purely your problem, because that's certainly not all there is. Also, I don't see why I should give a shit what other people typically use acid for. I don't see how that affects me. I agree that doing any drug just for the purpose of getting ****** up is stupid, but I never said otherwise so I don't know what you're going on about. Save whatever dignity you have left and go away.

The experiences part is Where most users show their input... That's why it matters... I don't want more retards on that part of the website so I said I don't think you should put it there... Basing your mitre account is pretty lame... Did you just recently get into psychedelics or what? Seems like it

By the way dumbasses the person the comment was for understood... Yeah I'm not rambling about stupid shit... You all are just stupid and ignorant

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ShroomsOnAcid 16

100 - Did you recently get into being an ignorant asshole? I don't need to explain myself to you. However, I will, because perhaps someone else would like to know. The point of the website being on my profile is to provide an unbiased resource for everyone who is misinformed on the matters contained within it, and in some of my comments. My goal is to spread awareness, and the internet happens to be a pretty good place for that. I don't see how you can go about bashing a whole website based on less than 5% of its contents. The entire "Plants and Drugs" section is only one of 5 major ones anyway. Breathe deeply and unclench those ass cheeks.

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Its ok Shrooms, I still love you.

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chingaso- not to sound like a kiss ass but from my FML experience it's not wise to argue with ShroomsOnAcid, most generally end up looking stupid. That being said, I wouldn't recommend arguing about something you know nothing about to begin with.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Thank god for FML mods. I think this site is one of the most well moderated on the interwebz.

Why mods? Why must you mod my comments that don't break the rules?

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That method works till you start laughing uncontrollably

Ewww. That's an image I don't need in my head.

Wow...r u better now?? What did u tell ur boss after he saw u have ur 'attack'xD this should be good....

...taking pleasure in someone else's misfortunes is pretty ****** up. There's nothing "good" about what OP has to go through for his/her job.

Umm sorry?? I didnt mean it in a bad way...? Look at others comments properly next time!

I agree with zareen. And 28, if you think that taking pleasure I someone's misfortune is ****** up then why does your profile picture say "go die in a fire"?

28, that's the soul purpose of this site.

Zareen, I'll say this: You're posting a comment. Not texting a friend. It's are, you, and your. Also, the structure and grammar of your comment was atrocious.

If you look at the badges given by the website, they reward empathy rather than taken pleasure in someones misfortune.

143- who cares about grammar? This is fml not school! Everyone knows what she's saying! And 162- this site isn't to give empathy to the posters, it's for our entertainment so we can have a good laugh! That's the whole point of fml!

170, you clearly haven't been on this site before if you think nobody cares about grammar, and Zareen, please stop commenting, you're making a fool of yourself.

Actually I've been on this site many times before and I happen to know that you are one of the only people that has taken intterest in other people's grammar.

And how is zareen making a fool of herself? She isn't doing anything..if anyone is making a fool of themselves, it's you!

yes... good for you... you got the 6th comment.

20- I have a friend who is 17 and is obsessed with brobee. To the extent that he asked his mom if brobee could DJ his next birthday party..

My GF is so obsessed I bought her 200 dollars worth of merch from yo gabba gabba haha

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Would that count as a work related injury?

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Doesnt matter, your just a cat sitting on a news paper

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Its ok! Anxiety suckks :( but xanax can stab it in the heart :)

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Benzos should be a last resort. The withdrawal is said to be worse than that of heroin. Fortunately there are a LOT of ways to beat anxiety without medications. All you need is Google and a.good therapist.

Actually I disagree all he needs to do is figure out a way to control his symptoms without meds. Unless OP has panic attacks from PTSD then yes he needs a consular. Anyway OP I have panic attacks as well and meds are not the best way to deal with them.

22- benzo withdrawal is not the worst but yeah it's bad... With that being said I doubt the dosages he will take and how constantly he will take them (assuming its only for meetings with boss) should give him no kind of physical addiction... I can see psychological happening if its the only drug he has tried... And if that's the case then shit he should pick up drugs... So yeah don't scare people with the old benzo vs. opiate/opioid debate

I'm on anti anxiety medication and unless you misuse the medication there is no way you'd even go into withdrawals...

22- I'm on anxiety medication too. Taking medication for anxiety is usually just a temporary thing- for about 9 months to a year. The patient continues taking the medication until a sufficient balance of hormones and a healthy mental state develops. There usually won't be any withdrawal symptoms.

82- I take medication when i have panic attacks.. Except it makes me go to sleep an hour after I take it.

Getting thumbed down for having a medical condition. Thanks guys, I feel so loved. *curls up in a ball and rocks back and forth*

What makes you think a new job is going to fix this. Just relax and breath around people like your boss.

My boss scares me too and gets in my face about everything. It's hard to just relax.

ZDK5498 6

it sucks but you can't escape everything that you have trouble with. just remember your boss is a person to and they are not perfect. don't overestimate him. your making yourself think he/she is indestructible. you must never scare and convince yourself about how "scary" your boss is...