By happycow122 - 20/06/2015 20:54 - United States - Lafayette

Today, I realized I'm pregnant by a man who won't even accept my Facebook friend request. FML
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It's a sad world when Facebook relationships are more important than real life ones.

MdMan2 23

Is Facebook really that important? That you base him on the fact that he won't accept your Facebook request?


It's a sad world when Facebook relationships are more important than real life ones.

Facebook isn't important. Ever.

Maybe she has no other way to talk to him. Doesn't have his number and doesn't know where he lives.

Maybe it's more of "Facebook is so small and meaningless what's the big deal if I'm his friend or not".

Megatron_Griffin 25

#11..if she doesn't know such basic things...she probably shouldn't have been having sex with said man..let alone unprotected sex

MdMan2 23

If that's the case, then she shouldn't have slept with him…

Who said it was unprotected? Protection fails a lot.

Megatron_Griffin 25

This is true..but the fact that protection fails is more of reason to not sleep with someone she seems to hardly know

I don't think OP cares so much about the friend request rather the fact he won't even even accept her as a friend on a social networking site let alone take part in any aspect of the her or the child's life. At least that's what I gathered anyway.

You don't know it was unprotected. Contraceptives sometimes fail.

Queen_of_Night 20

There are a lot of assumptions being made in the comments.

Megatron_Griffin 25

Yeah, probably shouldn't be making assumptions when I don't have a lot of information to work with. It's true protection fails and maybe she knows this man fairly well and he ended up being a jerk and ran when shit hit the fan. OP I honestly hope you can get things figured out and give the child a good life. If the father keeps trying to dodge his responsibilities, take his ass to court. Good luck

I think the FML is a matter of "so disinterested that he won't accept a facebook request" rather than "so disinterested in social media that he won't accept a facebook request"

Maybe it'll get better OP and he'll take some responsibility

TomSenpai 9

Time to repeatedly poke him.

Just tell him Happy Father's Day.

I think he repeatedly poked her already.

#23 beat me to it. Repeated poking is what got her into this mess

PePziNL 20

43: You mean what got this mess into her, amirite? Hey-ooo! Ok...

By the time you're writing "no? Ok...", it's probably a better idea to just erase whatever you wrote.

If you'd just said "You mean that's what got this mess into her." the comment could've been funny. You blew it, dude.

Does he know you're pregnant? Then he'll HAVE to accept your friend request. It's his responsibility as the father of your baby to be friends with you over social media.

Megatron_Griffin 25

No I think his responsibility comes after the child is born in the form of child support. Not saying he shouldn't take some responsibility right now as well...but don't think you should be holding a social media site up to such standards.

#28, I think #4 was being sarcastic.

Megatron_Griffin 25

Yeah I missed the sarcastic tone..I sadly know people who do have mentalities like this. My apologies #4

Totally laughed my butt off..

MdMan2 23

Is Facebook really that important? That you base him on the fact that he won't accept your Facebook request?

No. But it is a sign that he obviously is not mature/doesn't care about her.

My hubby of four years and father of my two children isn't connected to me on Facebook. Then again, he doesn't even have an account and I hardly use mine.

Dalboz 26

sheesh people the keyword in this FML is 'EVEN'. I think what op's trying to say is that if the guy doesn't even accept a friend request (a meaningless task no friend is bothered to do), he probably won't and isn't going to be there for her. He won't even do such a small thing not to talk about take responsibility and take part in hers and the child's life.

Dalboz 26

Of course no relationship is to be based on the approval of Facebook requests but the way this FML is worded makes me feel more like the father isn't even acknowledging her more than the option that he's a good partner that just didn't accept the request.

59/61 - Or he could just... not use Facebook.

Dalboz 26

read my last comment. I only assume he's a bad figure because of the way the fml was written. this really isn't an indicator to anything but the way this was worded makes it a different case

Oh boy... Why should Facebook be important? Celebrate your baby!

Maybe you shouldn't sleep with someone who doesn't even want you on their Facebook? YDI

Its facebook. As long as hes there to help you in the future. But for the future, makes sure he wraps it before he taps it...

bobsanction 18

Abortion time!

I know everyone has the right to their opinion, but shut the hell up!

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condoms can tear, pills don't always work; and don't get me started on "morning after pills", I say YDI, if it was a one night stand. Yeah you can make any decision you want with your life but you do so knowing the risks, this is one of the risks.

I know people who've gotten pregnant while using more than one method. You've got a lot of assumptions going on here.

MonstreBelle 28

Fun fact: There are only two 100% without fail ways for a woman to prevent pregnancy. The first one is total abstinence from any sexual contact that could result in pregnancy including, but not limited to, intercourse. The second is a bilateral oophorectomy (surgical removal of the ovaries). A woman who has had a tubal ligation and even a hysterectomy can still get pregnant. Tubal ligation prevents pregnancy by both stopping an egg from traveling down the fallopian into the uterus and stopping sperm from travelling up the fallopian tube to the egg. Fallopian tubes can grow back and the surgery can otherwise fail. If a woman has her uterus surgically removed, but her ovaries are intact, a fertilized egg can implant somewhere else in her body, resulting in an ectopic pregnancy. It's literally a 1 in 1,000,000 chance and ectopic pregnancies can't be carried to term, but there have been multiple cases of it reported. My point is, don't presume to know anything regarding OP's sex life or her use of protection. You weren't there, you have no way of knowing. It's just rude.

my son is the result of condom breaking and morning after pill not working. He is immature and blocked me on Facebook after I told him i was pregnant (friends for 5 years). I am not immature and a great mum as I'm sure OP will be if she choses.

The truth is that the pill is around 99% effective, condoms are 95-98% when used properly (they're often not though, crucial steps like holding the tip to keep air out are often missed), things like spermicides on condoms help. The amount of people who claim they are pregnant after using both suggests many weren't using them correctly.