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Today, I realized I love my boyfriend's cat more than my boyfriend. The only reason we're still together is I don't want to lose custody of the cat. FML
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well OP im sorry but you need to deal with it and break up with your boyfriend. you're being incredibly rude to your boyfriend here, and i think you should just be honest.

You're a girl who likes the pussy best.


Settle it in court.

It's not a kid. It's a cat

25, you'd be surprise how many people fight over their pets, in court.

Why do people always say "settle it in court"? Everything is not meant to be settled in court! Also OP, break up with him, but remain his friend. You can probably play with his cat sometimes too. Also tell him how much you love the cat. And it also seems a bit like a FHL

Some people can't have kids so their pets are like kids like me for Example.

Or just break it off, to be friends with benefits, and you could play with one another's pussy. Win win.

guys, I'm pretty sure that #1 wasn't serious

42 - I'm always amazed by the lack of humor people have on humor websites.

This comment told me you are indeed American #1

# 71 because there are no asshats in other parts of the world...

I.... I was kidding. ):

too little too late Mr. waffles... you may need to settle this debate with court action

You're a girl who likes the pussy best.

if it's like puss in boots from shrek then who can blame you that cats just too damn smooth

@24 *whoosh*

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Why the fuck so many negative thumbs down????

This is probably getting so many thumbs down because it's pretty insulting to someone if they know their significant other wants to break up with them, but still wants to see their cat.

Not to mention it sounds like it was the boyfriend's cat to begin with. Not really fair of her to be asking for his cat.

What you gotta do is simple. Just fake your death and funeral, then while he's mourning he'll decide he can't handle his lonely misery anymore, so he sleeps over at a friend's. Then sneak into the house, grab the cat and run. Easy!

I'm sorry guys... When I'm tired I come up with stupid jokes that I think are funny at the time. I re-read my comment and realized how lame I am. *time to go to sleep*

You tried at least (:

I thought it was brilliant in any case :P

That was kinda funny actually. Or maybe am I just tired as well.

It was a great comment. But sadly, many people on this site take every comment way too seriously.

well OP im sorry but you need to deal with it and break up with your boyfriend. you're being incredibly rude to your boyfriend here, and i think you should just be honest.

Agreed. Leading your bf/gf on is possibly one of the worst things you can ever do to them.

Especially leading them on for a cat ^

It's HIS cat. If I was the boyfriend , I'd get a restraining order for my cat cuz that cat might mysteriously disappear along with my girlfriend.

Theres really not enough information here to sum that up. OPs boyfriend might be a complete asshole, a cheater, or abusive. Let's not jump to conclusions just yet.

I doubt she would put up with an abusive cheating asshole for a cat though.

Don't be honest about the cat.

I don't know whether to feel bad for you or ashamed of you.

I agree. Haha like I understand she loves the cat, but that's a bit harsh to lead someone on for it. I know she'll most likely have to give it up if they break up, but still. There's so many things wrong with this. She should just have a heart and not worry about her own needs in this situation...

Ashamed. She needs to grow up, grow a pair, and GTFO. You don't play with the emotions of others for the love of a cat.

Haha the irony of telling a woman to grow a pair!

If you can handle just being there for the cat, by all means, run with your awkward situation until it gets too uncomfortable! Kitties are lovable, I must admit. :)

OP should break up with her boyfriend, even if it means losing the cat. Leading the boyfriend on just for his cat is not acceptable and is unfair to him.

And what, being honest with your boyfriend doesn't matter because of a cat? Get your priorities straight.

It's much harder to break up with a kitty than a person. But I agree that she needs to talk to her boyfriend. Who knows, if she does it sooner than later, maybe they can stay friends and she can still see her kitty loves.

Well that's catastrophic! Might get worse though if you don't talk it out..

You really take crazy cat lady to a whole new level.