By jen - 08/07/2011 14:57 - United States

Today, I realized I have no life after I created a fake Facebook account, posted an insulting message on my wall, and then engaged in a vicious argument with it, just so I could impress my friends. FML
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What's impressive about fighting with someone on Facebook...?

That is pretty depressing.


yep, no more good fmls :(

151 nice pic :)

haha at least make it a hot girl...

atleast you didn't make an account for a dog..hopefully..

bwahaha? What happened to the old evil "mwahahaha?" D:

#33, times are changing

*Slap* Snap out of it! We can beat this.... we can beat this!!!

fayke: lisen hear boy, u creem on muh feat last nite. u aint evan put it in muh V!! reel: yah cuz i lyke dem feat bich! get sum derty soks n lemme buss off on dem tows. fayke: be rite ovar!!!!

how will fighting with your imaginary friend impress your friends?

how is that impressive?

I hate the dumb "I realised how lifeless I am" FMLs. Those people are just pathetic idiots who can do something with their lives. When you feel like a worthless piece of shit - that's when you BECOME a worthless piece of shit! Just think positive, this is who you are so stop complaining!

nobody is gonna see it unless "you" and you are mutal friends....

umm...? How many friends do you have exactly?

at mrsassypants, I know someone who made an account for her dog. yea the dog even received birthday wishes...

my bad that was a reply for 25, wow I must be really tired. I really need to get some sleep,

Sometimes, I wish there was a "Nobody cares" button.

that would be nice

If you have no life, how do you have friends?

that's nothing, I made a YouTube channel for my cat out of boredom.

Thanks for the motivational speech 91.

how would that impress your friends? I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU!!!!!

That is pretty depressing.

I know somebody who actually made a Facebook of a fake guy and pretended that it was her bf. And then it turned out the picture was of a famous Youtuber. lol

wow! that is funny!! lol

Justin Bieber? Crocker?

73 - Which Youtuber?

WHICH YOUTUBER???!!!??!!??!!!111

Ummm i forget his name. He has like a blonde bowl cut kinda thing and hes a singer. And I'm pretty sure hes in California

by the way, sorry i hacked your thread 3 :P

it just means you have no friends

Cody Simpson?!

U gotta wonder how they even have any friends...

i've been in several internet fights... with real people... it's fun. :)

4- I cant tell if your picture is of a male or female, but either way it turns me on.

fighting on the Internet is like winning the special olympics... no matter what you are still retarded..

well known saying, you just said it to sound funny and smart. you're not

damn dude get a life

2nd time someone's said that thank you and STDs aren't pokemon remember that

yeah op is pretty much a tool bag

Lol just delete the account and talk to your friends straight forward.

That defeats the purpose of hiding the fact he's a total loser.

I guess it can't be helped then.

What's impressive about fighting with someone on Facebook...?

NOTHING is more manly than having an argument with your imaginary friend! :D

dude, this one time my imaginary friend was talken shit about my momma, so i had to beat the shit out of him. He got some good shots on me and stuff, threw me down a flight of stairs. But you should see him, hes way more fucked up.

Cool story, bro. Lay off the crack, man. Seriously. I'm worried about you.

crack don't make you see shit

Makes you say dumb shit though.

I love you stranger

I love you stranger

wow, that is lame..

seriously? Why would you do that just to impress your friends gosh you dont need to impress your friends unless thats the only way to keep them then you need new friends.

Except that people like OP *don't know* how to make new friends, which is why they cling to whatever they have and go out of their way to "impress". (And I'm not even giving OP a hard time, this is actually pretty sad)

We've all done that. Especially the ones who say they've never done it.

No I think it's just you and OP that have done that. Nice try though.

We surveyed 100 people. Name one person that creates fake Facebook accounts to fight themselves and impress their friends. -I'm going to say Mekeritrig - Survey sayyys... *Ding* |Mekeritrig |95| Yes!

Jesus speaks the truth! Hallelujah!!!

Yeah, nobody does that... Unless you're a faggot loner... I guess it just sucks to be you.