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Light one of his farts on fire during sex and double your pleasure.

how can such videos be more pleasurable then making love with your husband ?! seems like YouTube is getting more attention than your hubby


Light one of his farts on fire during sex and double your pleasure.

Treat it like a strobe light.

Sex and fire don't usually mix well. Usually.

I thought I was into some kinky shit until I saw this comment. Guess not, huh?

How is it that sex and fire don't usually mix well, #20? When candle-lit dinners, fireplace illuminated love-making, and jealousy "fueled" arson of a new lovers house, has been considered deeply romantic sexual manifestations for centuries!

#20 Kings of Leon think that sex and fire mix

Are you trying to turn this couple into Darwin Award recipients?

Well they are funny either that or it is just telling you somthing

that's kind of a really a weird place to jump to. from sex to YouTube fire farts. unless you... never mind. I'd recommend working on communicate more. solves a lot of problems.

Make love while watching people light their farts on fire.. It'll add some value to the pleasure..

Yeaaaah that's probably not a good thing. Maybe consider alternatives in the bedroom to spice up your sex life!

Hey, some guys do too. The single ones.

I really don't know what to tell you

He needs to take some Viagra eye drops and have a long hard look at himself then.

qdawg06 23

I feel like this is a common thing for some reason...

Yeahhhh, I think not...

qdawg06 23

I meant YouTube videos in general. Some can be quite appealing!

I'm glad you agree that my over-sexualization of farts being lit on fire, is more normal than my sexualization of my significant other! Here I thought I was a sexual outcast for the rest of my life, but I guess my fetishes are "a common thing"! :-)

You are an interesting person!