By Jaelkus - / Thursday 11 April 2019 20:00 / United States - Royersford
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By  Austin Schmit  |  10

Why are the first comments to take legal action? It’s far-fetched to think you could prove a specific person did this without overwhelming evidence, plausible deniability is real.

Pretty certain you would be able to see and taste adderall of any remotely effective concentration in water. 10-30mg pills are actually several hundred mgs of fillers/binders and they’re designed to have a pleasant’ish taste to them as well.

Free study jug imo... and if you were roommates with someone who’d dose the water supply then you likely aren’t unfamiliar with adderall. Just saying :)

  Yudith  |  18

Some people use their water jug to drink Gatorade, protein shakes or flavored water. With a drop of those water flavorings that are sold at every grocery store and pharmacy ever put into your water everyday, you're never gonna taste the Adderall.


Hey man, if you're cool with having your drink spiked, that's your prerogative. However, most people don't casually go "Huh, there's something in my drink that could cause potential long-term damage to my body, or even kill me", and then drop it with a shrug of their shoulders. I don't know how much Adderall one needs to take for either of those things to happen, but even a few days of lost sleep can affect a person's health badly, which is why OP needs to find proof their ex-roommate put the Adderall in their water jug, and get some legal advice to find out if they can make a case.

  tounces7  |  26

Adderall requires a prescription.

If said roommate has a prescription for it, and can't come up with the pills, that would be pretty strong evidence right there.

By  Akitakat  |  30

This should of been reported to the police. Drugs that aren’t prescribed to you could cause all kinds of crazy symptoms, the worst is death. This is no joking matter.