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Today, I realized I can't wait until my daughter moves out the house when she is 18. She is eight. FML
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Calm down, she's just 8. Once she does move out you'll probably wish she was back. Let's hope she doesn't see her about this FML when she IS 18.

Cherish the moments you have with her when she gets older she could want nothing to do with you


Calm down, she's just 8. Once she does move out you'll probably wish she was back. Let's hope she doesn't see her about this FML when she IS 18.

*or hear....ugh too quick

It'd be an all-expenses paid guilt trip for OP if her daughter did find it!

I completely agree #2. I wish that I could get a break from my kids sometimes when I'm stressed out. Then, when they spend time with their dad or my family, I miss them and can't wait for them to get home. OP should be careful what he/she wishes for.

warriorartemis 11

I agree! Poor little girl :(

Yeah that's sad to think that way ! Seriously OP ? Plus there's a chance out of ten that she leaves when she's 18 ! Although I don't know how it goes in the USA, usually children have to wait until they 20/22 or so to have the possibility to leave the house ! But wow why did you have children in the first place if you just want them to leave the house.. That's terrible..

I am a firm believe that if OP doesn't like her 8 year old, its probably due to OP's bad parenting. I mean what kind of parent says crap like this??

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I'm with 134. I am 19 and still live at home. Most 18 year olds that I know still live at home. Getting a paying job at 16/17 isn't easy. I'm trying hard to find one.

Cherish the moments you have with her when she gets older she could want nothing to do with you

Harsh OP. Gotta learn to spend every last minute with your child. Your going to terribly miss her when she goes to college man.

warriorartemis 11

Agreed! My oldest just turned 12...and I keep asking myself, where did the time go. I used to want him to get older and more independent but now, I just want him to be my baby again...Instead he's too cool for mom -_-

My son is only 9.5 months old but he's already getting very independent, I wish he wouldn't grow up so fast.. He was more cuddly when he was smaller and less mobile.

Do you secretly hate having children? She's just eight, so she surely isn't perfect.

8 is a crazy age anyways, they're growing up and testing the boundaries. just wait it out and I'm sure you'll change your mind.

8 the crazy age? dont you mean the teens?

8 is the beginning of the crazy era*

From every parent I have talked to the time they miss the most is the 6-12 because they actually want to hang out with the parentals. Whereas before that they dont know how to empathise and thats a pain in the arse, and after well you know parents are suddenly the uncoolest thing in the world. Then they grow up move out and are only seen at family occasions. There are exceptions to this rule of course but what I mean is OP treasure your time with your kid becauuse chances are you will look back on it with fondness, when life inevitably changes.

You're going to want her out right up until the moment she leaves. Then you'll try anything to make her stay.

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Who's to say she'll move out when she's 18? I'm 20 and still at home.

OP can legally boot her out then.

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I was 14 when I left the nest

why is #48 thumbed down? all my siblings left the house around the age of 15, it happens!

according to the court house where I'm from if ops daughter is a resident of there she has to go to a court house submit an application for eviction give her daughter the notice and 2 weeks later the police can escort her out. its a lengthy process

SuperMew 22

Only two weeks? I would think they would give the girl longer to find new place to live.

my aunt went through the process to kick her son out he was 25 maybe its different for other places or ages?

warriorartemis 11

In Texas, you have to serve them with an eviction notice 30 days prior and they can contest it, even if they blood related, have only lived there a week and don't pay rent...I thought it was odd because I'd previously assumed that only tenants require an eviction notice...erm nope.

Once she's old enough to start looking forward to moving out herself, you won't want her to!

Well kids her age can be tiring, I'm sure you'll feel more connected to her once she grows older.

It's funny that you think that that is how it's going to happin. lol

You know what's even funnier? "Happin".

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idk how the world happin is funny but oooookk

Seriously? I hope you don't let your daughter know how you feel, how awful for her. I don't understand why some people have children when they just get angry and frustrated with them all the time... Kids are a product of their environment.

Do you have kids? They're exhausting. They need all the time and are constantly pushing your buttons and testing your patience, no matter how well you raise them.Just because OP expresses some frustration doesn't mean she doesn't love her daughter. Hang in there, OP, and prepare for worse--you'll have a teenage daughter soon. But it's all worth it.

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20, her profile says she's a mum.

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I used to know a family where the dad and step mom had a habit of kicking his kids out around when they were 15. All 4 of them. It was like he couldn't handle parenting. Now he has two small boys with the new mom and I just can't help but think why? Why would someone who can't handle ANY of his kids want to make more. It's just irresponsible. I sometimes wonder if he'll kick them out when they get older. Just sad.

26, it also says she's 21 so it's unlikely her child(ren) is over the age of 5. It gets more demanding as time goes on. I don't think OP feels this way all the time, but any parent who's honest with his/herself has to admit there are times you just need a break. I think OP is having one of those days and here are people telling her she doesn't deserve to have children.

Yes my child may be under the age of 5 but that doesn't mean he isn't demanding and a handful at times. I never resent him, my partner and I chose to become parents so we owe our child a life of love, patience and respect. To imply that children get more difficult as they get older is ridiculous. It's extremely hard becoming a parent for the first time and raising a baby. They don't come with an instruction booklet. One would assume that by the time their child is 8 they have had years of raising and moulding their child, teaching them right and wrong, applying boundaries and discipline. For someone to be sick of their 8 year old is just embarrassing for them and quite frankly, very sad for the child. By the way, I never said she didn't deserve to have children, I said I couldn't understand why some people do have children when they have short tempers and get frustrated with them. Of course you have bad days and need a break but you never take your bad day out on your child and publicly proclaim your resentment for them.

36 I totally agree. I know I'll probably get hate for this but I've basically decided to personally never have children because I don't feel I would be patient and selfless enough to be a great mum and I'd rather have no children than have children and resent them like OP does. Okay you can vote me down for being a selfish bitch now..?

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49, I feel the same way. I don't want my life to change as drastically as it would if I were to have a kid. So instead, I have my fur kids. I think it would be more selfish to bring a child you didn't truly want into the world.

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28, My dad's sort of like that. He gives up on his sons once they turn 13 and his daughters at 10. After that he treats us like shit. I mean, he treats us like shit before then, but he always pretended to be sorry. Once I turned ten all hell broke loose. Why? Because he doesn't want to deal with puberty. He wanted little kids who he could beat up and not get hit in return, once we got old enough to defend ourselves, his job as a parent was done.

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36 why dont you cone back to us once your kids are older. to state that older kids arent more difficult is ridiculous of course they will get more of a handful as they gain independance. i chose to have a son and i love him to bits but sometimes you just want time to yourself and a chancr to go about your day without a kid in tow. any parent who says they dont is lying or still in the babymoon phase.

I'm a mom of a one and a half year old. I have my days where a miss the freedom of being childless, but most days i love being a mom. If this was a momentary fleeting thought on a rough day, then that happens. If its something you think about every single day then you probably shouldnt have had children in the first place.

I agree with you! I have 8 brothers, 7 sisters and 3 kids 8-19 years. We all grew up with rules in the house that we followed... There was no pushing boundaries or back talking and I raise my kids the same. I'm not near as exhausted and annoyed as my friends are with their families. I can understand why people are so fed up that can't wait for their kids to move out.. News flash... It's not the kids.

36, you are full of shit. Seriously? If you don't have an 8 year old, you don't know what you're talking about. You're still a baby, and really need to stfu.

Well said, I think children at that age are the most lovely things in the world.

Im the same way! I refuse to have kids because i know i wouldnt be a good mother. At least i admit it. If you're going to have a kid, you need to commit 18+ years of love to it. And of course they'll Live longer than that. Just.. This post makes me remember i hate people