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By  SuiGeneris01  |  2


  HollyDolly660  |  8

Well I know a lot of girls that HATE their names and are named after their dad. My point was that if she was a female named Grant (my Father's name for example), then the FML would be even worse because she has a man name that I, personally, would not be okay with if it was me.

By  nickownes1  |  3

How do you know she wasn't actually meaning your name? (;

  DuRpY  |  5

Nick, the reason why I thumbed down your comment is twofold.

1. Yes, too far.

2. If DocBastard was to take a piss, you'd drown with how you're all on his proverbial d*ck.

  perdix  |  29

Good thing I didn't write a similar comment.

Except mine might have fared better because I would have used the terms "Oedipus Complex" and "motherfu..."

Probably would have gotten buried. Better you than me, mate.


#104 nope. I thought it meant something else. Lol, I even searched up the definition of "Meaning" to see if it had any other definition that I didn't know of. From what I gathered, I thought it meant that she was masturbating of sorts. But wouldn't make sense since she was "doing it" with his father.

  AussieChild  |  22

My fiancé has the same name as his dad... And grandad... And great grandad etc
I'm not going to be able to get these thoughts and this FML out of my head now! D:

  Marrach  |  7

Lol. He's basically traumatized. I mean, imagine if you and your dad had the same name.. And that happened to you. I think I'd avoid her for a little to not hear her say it again.

  esines  |  9

Why would you wanna ever talk about tour parents having sex, to your parents? If it were me i would just pretend it never happened. Or atleast try to