By Anonymous - 08/09/2012 11:38 - United States - Salem

Today, I realized how much it sucks to have the same name as my dad when I overheard my mom moan his name in bed. FML
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Have your name legally changed to Superman Batman Wolverine Iron Man Spiderman the Third.

I can definitely see how that would be disturbing. If I was you though OP I'd just try not to be ever in a position to hear my parents have sex!



1- I'm not sure if you are serious or not but you may need help.

No no no... Not nice... Disturbing...

That moan was probably the inspiration for your name at the time when they were making you.

That's a double fyl. When you're having sex with your gf and she moans your name, does it make you think she's talking about your Dad?

Maybe he never did before, but now..

66: I did that once. It was even weirder than you'd think.

Was anyone else wondering whether or not OP is a boy or girl? That determines the amount of FML. No girl wants the same name as her dad.

76 not necessarily, I have a female cousin named Kimberly after her dad. I also grew up with a couple boys named Leslie and Courtney.

Yeah and 76 i have a friend that is a girl who's name is Billy Joe. She doesnt even mind.

I met a woman today named Xavier.

Well I know a lot of girls that HATE their names and are named after their dad. My point was that if she was a female named Grant (my Father's name for example), then the FML would be even worse because she has a man name that I, personally, would not be okay with if it was me.

I can definitely see how that would be disturbing. If I was you though OP I'd just try not to be ever in a position to hear my parents have sex!

If you can't beat 'em, join em..... Lolwut

How do you know she wasn't actually meaning your name? (;

Too far.

That is sick.

No, just no...

Nick, the reason why I thumbed down your comment is twofold. 1. Yes, too far. 2. If DocBastard was to take a piss, you'd drown with how you're all on his proverbial d*ck.

22 - ... I'm sorry, what?

Good thing I didn't write a similar comment. Except mine might have fared better because I would have used the terms "Oedipus Complex" and "motherfu..." Probably would have gotten buried. Better you than me, mate.

44- 22 is talking about 4's profile pic and his about me. 4 is indeed a dick rider

71, I thumbed you down, not because I disliked your comment, but because I'm a rebel. ;)

I didn't thumb him down because I enjoy loving and tolerating the shit out of people.

I sincerely apologize… but what does that mean? "Meaning your name". I've never heard the phrase before?

He's saying that when OP's mum said the name, she might have been referring to OP rather than the father.

* Raven Voice* Ya little nasty.

#104 nope. I thought it meant something else. Lol, I even searched up the definition of "Meaning" to see if it had any other definition that I didn't know of. From what I gathered, I thought it meant that she was masturbating of sorts. But wouldn't make sense since she was "doing it" with his father.

4- For someone who claims to love DocBastard so much, it's amusing that you spelled his name "DocBasterd."

108- Are you retarded?

I thought your comment was funny lol. I guess you and I are the only ones who have a dark sense of humor. That's the best kind.

ewwwww lmfao!

Well, this is awkward..

(Hears mom calling name) (Opens door) Op: yea mom you called m.. (stunned at the sight of both parents getting it on) That would've been awkward

Nice profile pic 5........

Your body sucks.

5 - No one wants to see your boobs.

change your name?

Easier said than done.

And not to mention, after being called that name for OP's entire life, changing his name wouldn't really help much outside of the legal area.

Have your name legally changed to Superman Batman Wolverine Iron Man Spiderman the Third.

The Third? Haha. Are there already a Senior and a Junior? I guess, in this day and age, we shouldn't be surprised if there are.

Ram, Amandeep, Sukdeep are conning name in Northern India. Mahboob,mahfouz, mahfud, are common name in Bangladesh.

Mixing DC with Marvel??? FOR SHAME!!!

79- coexist! Can't we all just get along

17: There have been multiple attempts to name someone "@".

I've seen pictures of that guys ID, his name is Batman Bin Suparman... that's awesome

Wouldn't that be kind of weird for the mum too... ?

My fiancé has the same name as his dad... And grandad... And great grandad etc *shudder* I'm not going to be able to get these thoughts and this FML out of my head now! D:

That's going to leave some mental scarring.

That's unfortunate.

Oh my.. That really does suck. Confront them and ask them to do it when you gone.? Unless ur unemployed and are out of school.

Lol. He's basically traumatized. I mean, imagine if you and your dad had the same name.. And that happened to you. I think I'd avoid her for a little to not hear her say it again.

^You beat your kid, and you're a nurse? You just blew my mind.

Creepy ass bio man...

Why would you wanna ever talk about tour parents having sex, to your parents? If it were me i would just pretend it never happened. Or atleast try to