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By  jerryj  |  27

Before you start popping pills, try to figure out if it's stress related. You might be able to improve your quality of sleep with more natural ways like soft music or meditation.

  djxerxes9000  |  18

Yeah, like everything in life it must be stress related. SMH, "stress" is a cop out 98% of the time. oh you can't sleep you must be stressed. The world is getting soft.

  TrinityisLife  |  22

@7 It's actually true that most sleep disorders are stress related in one way or another. Evaluating what's going on in your life and trying to find a why to remove said stress can help the body relax and retain a normal sleep cycle. staying away from electronics when it's time to lie down for sleep helps tremendously as well.


I don't think "popping pills" is always the answer but there is always the natural medicine called Melatonin. I've taken it before in small doses when I can't sleep. You can order it online at reasonable prices too.

By  nightowl713  |  25

Prescription sleep meds can cause dependency, and land her in the same situation when she wanted to get off them. However, there is a 'vitamin' you can take 30 mins before bedtime called melatonin. Melatonin is what the body produces to cause sleepiness. It's completely non habit forming, and has a very high success rate. You can find it at your local supermarket in the vitamin section! :)