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  muchagente  |  5

of course not, you stupid man. how could she have seen it's not normal when the fml is about her thinking it is normal?

i didn't mean to be rude. its an outburst.

  TheDrifter  |  23

Maybe it's that constant exposure thing doc. People don't notice their own home smells because they're always there. Ops father is always drunk, so I guess it's possible she is so used to the smell that she never noticed it until it was gone.

  Daerauko  |  0

he needs the booze, or else he would probably beat OP for being a shitty daughter.

how the fuck could you not know if you live with him? uh maybe all the empty liqour or beer bottles? should have been a strong hint.

  cldean24  |  4

You can smell vodka. She may not have been able to smell the alcohol if she hasn't been around it and known. I thought this about my dad for years before I realized (substance abuse). Until he got arrested, that is.