There's no helping some people

By Anonymous - 10/11/2020 20:02 - United States - Livingston

Today, I was helping a 93 year-old hoarder organize her home. She asked me to make ropes from old plastic bags, fold bags in a specific odd way, then fit four large boxes of bags into one smaller one. I said I couldn't do those, nor fit four boxes in one. "Why are you here if you can’t do things?" she said. I’m a professional home organizer. FML
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Welcome to adult life.

So that was what, 10 years ago?


Welcome to adult life.

Gofuckyourself 24

That honestly shouldn't be a surprise. University isn't easy, especially if you're working at the same time. You gotta find your balance and you'll be fine.

So that was what, 10 years ago?

Wait until you see what’s going to happen to your debt. You’ll wish your sleep cycle was fucked nearly as much!

Mr Pencil, you sir. Earned my vote.

You should make up a good sleep cycle too

Try raising a family and working full time while going to college

Yeah cause that’s totally why you’re get fucked 🙄

littl3storm 29