By sunburychick - 13/09/2009 09:27 - Australia

Today, I realised that the man who I wanted to be with, the man who wanted to be with me, and my husband were three different people. FML
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You probably should have "realized" this before you got married. YDI for marrying someone you don't want to be with.

Did you know the person reading this, the person who gives a damn, and your therapist are 3 different people too?


If you don't want to be with your husband, and your husband doesn't want to be with you, how/why the hell did you two get married?

Wow. . . lmao . .

People change over time. It happens. I don't get #101, people do change so much that they can't handle being together anymore. She doesn't want to be with her husband, and he doesn't want to be with her. Giving up on it isn't the weak way out- it's the responsible handling of emotions. "Hey, my life sucks, but I'm not going to do anything about it because it would be weak of me to do it!" Just like all the people Kevorkian helped were weak because they got out of their suffering, right? Anyway, this does suck. It's unfortunate but I wonder what's going on in your life to cause this.

YDI for being slutty and cheating on ur husband

She never said she was cheating. She wants someone else, she and her husband don't want each other anymore, and she wants someone else... that doesn't make her a cheating whore.

I think at one point she wanted to be with him, but feelings change over time, and she thinks that maybe it's time to move on. Not everyone can last in a lifelong marriage.

Alright, all you bitchass people saying Americans speak "American..." well. Shit. It doesn't even matter! English is English, we hanve our slang and special spellings, you have yours. Get over it. Americans didn't "ruin" the English language, it's been modified over time. I bet you say lou, we say toilet, you say mum we say all versions of mother. And if you really want to talk about people butchering things, let's talk about how England tortured the Irish for 800+ years. How bout that? How bout we just do "the Modest Proposal" and eat the babies?! Some Irish nom nomz?? Fuck you and your tea! And you have McDonalds too bitch! Everywhere does! In some countries they're actually sit down and order resturaunts. Anyways my point is that yeah maybe we did fuck up your language, at least we didn't fuck up an entire country for 800+ years!!!


Im American and i insist that we speak American. Deal with it.

I love how everyone here, from reading your one sentence, is judging you and giving you advice like they know your life.

YDI for trying to be in love. It is not worth it

fuckmylyphe, where are you from? Name one country that has been around for over 200 years that has not fucked up at least one other country. And by been around, I mean been independent.

Ya, because Australia is infamous for arranged marriages.

loool your spelling of loo cracks me up

I think Canada just beats all of you

#195. Another typo, amerika?.-. Come on! Spell it out with me A M E R I C A. There was more typos, just to lazy to correct those. You fail.

*were more *too lazy Maybe you should work on your own grammar before you criticise others', dumbass.

#222 Ever considered that he/she might be from another country? In Germany we spell America with a k... So, in Germany, we spell it Amerika. Slip-ups happen. No need to be a bitch about it.

American isn't a language...

Or at the least, consider divorce!

wow. that really sucks.

so it's like a love pentagon? (is that the one with five sides?)

I think you're aiming for a "square", that's the one with 4 sides

No, I think pentagon could be appropriate, if the husband has feels for someone else.

I agree with #14.

haha i read yours and scrolled down to 14 to see what it was. LMAO

@14: PWNT. Well, you don't like the guy who likes you, tell him to buzz off, stop looking for attention. The guy you like is not interested, stop stalking him. Divorce your husband, if you two don't want to be together... then don't.

ydi, i don't know what happened, but you should really be trying to work on that insted of posting yur story on fml.

wtf do u think the fml site is even for? of course she's gonna try to work it out when she can but duh this site is about getting it off your chest in the first place

Yeah #6, you're a dumbass.

awwwwwwwwwww :( ______________________________

That is simply sad...

You probably should have "realized" this before you got married. YDI for marrying someone you don't want to be with.

even if she was in love with her husband, she still deserves it for pretty much being just stupid. just so many reasons why YDI.

she also deserves it for not knowing how to spell realized

There are different correct ways to spell it. People speak English outside of the United States, like Canada, Australia, & England. You should all r-r-realise this by now. ;] + What #80 said.

That's true, but whenever I write realised, I get the dotted red line. I'm Canadian, and I've got it on Canadian spell check. =P

Realised doesn't have a z in it!!!!

Get over your freaking ignorance of other countries! Jeez! Yeah, some words have more than one correct spelling. Mum/mom...Realised/realized... Spelled/spelt... Get the heck over it.

In American, it IS spelled with a 'Z', 195.

this would be a good post secret to write,