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  Roflsauruz  |  12

x_Just_Ellie_x, he/she wasn't talking about you when he/she said "Just Stop". Read it again.


As far as being deployed too long goes, I'm sorry man. I know nothing about that stuff, but isn't there even a way to like... Visit home for a LITTLE while? :/.... Again, idk anything about it. Sorry, again.

  mrsstaken  |  12

73- when you're deployed, you're deployed. The only way home is when you're finished executing orders or in a box. Send a care package to deployed military, and let them know they are appreciated. Don't ask them to come home to visit, that's depressing. Those of us in the military prefer recognition from people!

  capnbzarr  |  43

@54, actually, "manikin" is a variant spelling of "mannequin" that is also in the dictionary. That's the name of a book you should always consult before attempting to correct others' spelling.


You say you're in the USA. You don't know what country OP comes from, but judging from his spelling of "realised" it probably isn't the USA. So technically OP's not serving our country by being on non-combat duty in a military base in Qatar. I know I'll get buried for this but ethnocentrism annoys me.


Because the OP's location shows as Qatar, and as far as I know, there's no active military operations based out of the USA's bases there. Either way, KingCeltic made the assumption he's American, and his follow-up comment doesn't address that. Whether his country's an ally of the USA or not is irrelevant. I'm not looking for a fight - just politely noting that a lot of my fellow Americans tend to assume everything that happens must directly involve our country or our people.

By  nicole86  |  8

You'll be home soon & I promise the girls won't care If you told em you was checking out a mannequin... lol Happy Memorial Day!! It's not just about BBQS!!

  truth_spitta  |  0

No trying to be a douche, but isn't that kind of setting yourself up for a potential let down? I mean obviously right now there isn't a war and a lot of service men/women will come home, it still is...imo