By Anonymous - 21/09/2010 14:23 - United Kingdom

Today, I realised that I could see my own mustache out of my peripheral vision while I was eating. I'm a 23 year old woman. FML
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wax that shit

perdix 29

Don't listen to any of the above. Find a thrifty, bisexual lover who will appreciate you for being a two-fer. He/she will marvel at your manly 'stache while partaking of your womanly hoo-hah! Consider it a gift and work it!


wax that shit

Agreed! That's nasty! You HAD to see that in a mirror at some point.

you know what's sad is that the op noticed it from her periferals (sp I know) while she wouldn't notice it looking into a mirror while getting ready in the morning...

ugh beat me to it but I had to tune durning band =/

afro lips.......get that shet dreadlocked or something. u would be my hero.

i really dont get why some women wont shave the stach.. mustaches are always gross, even on guys.. we are not on the 70's anymore!!

tweetbaby14 18

OP when a women becomes a man there are certain things you must do to regain your femininity. 1) shave everything except for the hair on top of your head, eyebrows, and eye lashes. 2) use deoderant WITH antipersperant. 3) brush/ comb your hair to keep it from becoming unruly. you're welcome everybody gets one, your friendly neighborhood spiderman

if she wont bother waxing upstairs, i wonder if she waxes downstairs.. hardwood floors or high pile rug?

35 - There are some men who look good with moustaches, so it is neither gross nor 70's thing, but yeah the number of men with moustaches today is surely less than in 70's

must be either Italian or German bridge troll....

steelersjackson 0

join the circus! ha I'd pay to see that. Why am I so mean? Can someone answer that?

Because everyone is a dick numba 67

wow your mustache is so long that it actually grows up and it frowns on the side of your eye?

omg german people aren't hillbillys

zxcvbnm321 2

maybe it was a milk mustache. you shouldn't jump to conclusions. she WAS eating...

67, maybe coz your an awkward looking albino girl and your just taking your frustration out in the world?

is tht a brown mustache?

there only one possible solution JOIN A FREAK SHOW.

114 that pic is fuckin weird! I will never see mr. ban the same way again

cuz when you shave they grow faster ?

SydneyG 0

yeah bro wax it or PLUCK THAT BITCH OUT!!! haa

That's not true, actually.

Xavi89 0


your car is EF off sexy aha.. pity about the football team though.. COME IN YOU SPURS!

Xavi89 0

lol thanks. spurs just got their asses handed to them by arsenal! we are going to run away with this title!

ahaha it was a shitty carling cup match i dont care too much! man chelsea have already won this season aha United and arsenal don't look like there any real threat to chelsea at all!

wow!! that sucks! time for a waxin!

don't wax.. leave it and see who notices..

Hold up cus.. she from the UK.. that means she probably from morocco or sumthin like that.. no big deal they all have em mustaches like Mario


Clearly I don't know my counties as well as I should. :P Like SirSantpoort doesn't know his countries as well as he should.

ohthebloodygore 16

Adan, WAIT. That kid is an idiot. Canada is a continent by itself! And everyone knows Mexico is in America. Duh!

That's pretty bad. But tbf, I don't think I even know the names of half the countries in the world (my only defence is that there's nearly 200 and I need the memory space of my brain for other things). Also, I imagine some people have at least one place in completely the wrong place in their head. Or maybe that was just me.

mexicutioner123 0

I can ride my bike with no HANDLEBARS...

Lmao, what #1 said. Immediately!!!

Lmao, what #1 said. Immediately!!!

yes, immediately



c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker!

purplemnm 9


too much win :')

I got a soloution,shave or wax that shit, there problem solved I de-fucked your life

no you didn't- how would you like to wax your lip all the time?? that shit would hurt!!!

wimp it doesn’t hurt that bad.

pain by waxing? or looking like a man! hmm I'll go with waxing haha

first of it I bet it dosnt hurt that bad,and what you mean wax all the time,dumbass that's the point of waxing and not shaving,waxing lasts a long time

h2opoloplaya 0

I think the most used word on this fml is s**t

man that word is generaly spoken alot,shit got a ring to it and it can mean a variety of things

happykate120 0

Did you see crumbs stuck in it? Collecting a midnight snack throughout the day?

Whoa best get that taken care of. Can't have that shit flowin in the breeze, messin up your keen eyesight.

If you're unhappy with your mustache, then I suggest waxing it. If you're REALLY unhappy with your mustache and don't want to bother waxing it every 3 weeks, there's the option of laser hair removal. It's pretty expensive-- but if you have the resources to do so, then I guarantee it will be worth it.

not really an fml..more a ydi for not doing something about it sooner