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  then000bster  |  16

I can tell my family apart from their footsteps. They way they open/knock on a door. If those cats are your family I wouldn't be surprised.... But they are cats. As long as you are happy with what you got I have no place to hate :)

  bunny911  |  16

I have eight dogs. Four of them look the same. I can tell them apart by their barks, the way they walk, and the sound of their toe nails on the floor.

  nightbirdblue  |  27

At least they judge you for things you actually did, unlike some people. My cat hated me for a week because I forgot to fill up the food bowl to the top three times a day once. My friends have hated me for over a month for something someone told them I said about one of them, which in reality I didn't.

By  MickiJ  |  20

That seems like an amazing superpower! You could use that as a conversation starter to make friends! But, you know, cats are sometimes way cooler than people, so...


I agree #9. Op's life doesn't suck she is just an animal lover and is blessed to have her small cat family. Plus It's nothing wrong with having a way to identify them since op has a lot of cats. Also op, just go out and make friends, if you want some humans around. You can do it.