By Anonymous - 26/07/2013 00:13 - South Africa

Today, I realised that I can tell my 6 cats apart by the sound of their paws on the carpet. I think I need friends. FML
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who needs friends when you have cats.

But...they're your friends, right? There is never a limit to kitties. Plus, they don't judge you...quite as harshly. ;)


Thats actually pretty cool though. And yes!! First comment yayayay

I have that same problem

I can tell my family apart from their footsteps. They way they open/knock on a door. If those cats are your family I wouldn't be surprised.... But they are cats. As long as you are happy with what you got I have no place to hate :)

At least they won't drink all the beer!

Yup, I can do the same thing with all of my dogs. It comes with living with them!

I have eight dogs. Four of them look the same. I can tell them apart by their barks, the way they walk, and the sound of their toe nails on the floor.

Yes I can too :) but my cats are my babies. I think I spoil them to much :P u should Kik me: crystal1198

I have the exact same problem as well. Except I don't have cats.

Yes.. You might want some friends.. Or need, rather...

That's a bit.chy thing to say

wow.. you're not a bitch at all, huh?

who needs friends when you have cats.

Exactly! Nothing is better than the company of cats, and also when cats rule the and make humans their slaves op might be exempt!

Yea!! I have 10!! **eye twitches**

People who have cats instead of dogs: And thusly commenced the bloody battle between dog-lovers and cat-fuckers... I mean lovers.

19 that's just rude.

nah, who needs friends when you've got 6 cats.

But...they're your friends, right? There is never a limit to kitties. Plus, they don't judge you...quite as harshly. ;)

That's bullshit my cat is the judgiest creatures I've ever met. His gaze... It pierces my very soul.

At least they judge you for things you actually did, unlike some people. My cat hated me for a week because I forgot to fill up the food bowl to the top three times a day once. My friends have hated me for over a month for something someone told them I said about one of them, which in reality I didn't.

That seems like an amazing superpower! You could use that as a conversation starter to make friends! But, you know, cats are sometimes way cooler than people, so...

I'm sure everyone wants to be friends with the lady who can tell her cats apart by their footsteps.....pawsteps maybe?

I would be friends with someone like that...

Pets are better then friends. They never let you down.

I had 2 cats but one kept running away, so there is that.

I agree #9. Op's life doesn't suck she is just an animal lover and is blessed to have her small cat family. Plus It's nothing wrong with having a way to identify them since op has a lot of cats. Also op, just go out and make friends, if you want some humans around. You can do it.

That sounds pretty rad. Cats are great companions. You're okay

You should make the most of your gift OP, take it on a talent show, get rich and travel the world!