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  MrKento11  |  12

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  Badkarma4u  |  17

What issues. The fact that he finds someone attractive that has a resemblance to a family member. People date an marry people that have similar features to their siblings, and parents. That's perfectly natural and has nothing to do with porn.

  Kiernan151  |  25

Incest has actually come down a lot in amount over the years. A long time ago, people of power would have sex with their children/their children would have sex together to keep the line "pure". So no, incest isn't any more popular than ever.

  be82tw  |  17

@32 Umm... no. In fact there are rather few historical cases of systematic incest, though degrees of relationship accepted were often closer than is the American norm today, and those had nothing to do with *keeping the lines pure* but rather with ensuring that both offices and property were passed down the same line (ancient Egypt divided estates on inheritance: having the heir marry a sibling ensured the next ruler would not be forced to divide property down too far). In medieval Europe, Consanguinity, or shared blood, was one of the few reasons the church might grant a divorce.

By  ShannonBonnanen  |  15

Oh wow... That makes it awkward for you everytime you see your sister. It's kinda creepy that you didn't realize this until after you watched enough to finally notice they looked similar.