By EggHead - 03/05/2014 04:57 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I read that egg whites make a good hair treatment. Everything was going fine until, without thinking, I turned the hot water on to wash it out. I'm still picking the cooked egg out of my hair. FML
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Get a few noodles in there and have yourself a lunch!

I can honestly see myself making this same mistake, so I guess I can't judge.


well... I hope your hair is at least nice after this...

How long does it take to wash uncooked runny egg? And how hot was that shower?!? If you seriously cooked an egg onto your head you need to see a doctor or something

Cooking the egg on OP's head is highly unlikely. (Respectfully, this is my opinion) A shower's temperature averages to about 100-107 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Stanford studies. Additionally, "An egg needs a temperature of 158°F to become firm. In order to cook, proteins in the egg must denature (modify), then coagulate, and that won’t happen until the temperature rises enough to start and maintain the process." In order for this story to be true, OP must really 'fry' their skin, and for a long time when they bathe themselves. And finally, I've done the same thing with steaming water a couple years ago.

Get a few noodles in there and have yourself a lunch!

You could make a nice omelette in there I'd say.

Ew I found a hair in mine

Waitress!! There's an omelette in my hair!!

I can honestly see myself making this same mistake, so I guess I can't judge.

I was honestly thinking the same thing. Turning on cold water instead wouldn't have been the first thing in my head, and I probably would've used hot. I mean, who thinks about accidentally cooking what they're putting in their hair? Haha I don't blame you, OP

My mom did the same exact thing when she was younger but instead of using hot water she thought it would be a good idea to lay out for a while and get a tan. I think that's worse than what OP did. It took her hours to get the egg out.

I put Bananas in my hair and did the same thing. It took forever to get it out. I feel your pain -.-

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I don't know about treatment, but hair stylists use it as a binding agent when doing things like Mohawks. It helps it stand taller and firmer.

I've heard the same thing about egg whites so of course I tried it. Buuuut I used cold water to avoid smelling like McDonalds breakfast. It worked pretty well!

Maybe I'm just a fat ass, but....

Who wouldn't want to smell like a McD breakfast!!! Kewl!!!

I don't know about eggwhites, but mayonnaise makes your hair super shiny. It also helps get sticky stuff (i.e. eggwhites) out. Good luck!

just cause it is on the internet does not mean it's true. lol

But i read in the internet that everything on the internet is true. Especially wikipedia.

Actually, Wikipedia is more accurate than most of the Internet. They got really strict in their editing policies

Well, I didn't read the mayonnaise one online. I had some idiot use shoe paint on my hair instead of shoe polish for a musical once, and it took three weeks of looking like I had the weirdest dandruff ever before my mom's hair stylist told her to try lemon juice and/or mayo. The juice made my hair smell awesome (and would have bleached it had I gone outside), but the mayo won the degrossifying battle.

Hopefully you didn't have anywhere important to be!

If he did, that would be a FAIL!

Even if he/she didn't it's already a fail

Just take nice shower and it'll come off eventually, no worries. I hope your hair doesn't smell like eggs...

Beware of DIY's, OP. I read olive oil and raw egg would make my hair shiny and help repair it... No. It looked like I hadn't washed my hair in years. I feel where you're coming from, OP.

well, of course oil will make your hair look oily!

There are olive oil based treatments. You wash them out afterward. I've used store bought and they made my hair feel great after, but I tried to save money and it didn't turn out well.

I've used olive oil in my hair before. The trick is to lather in the shampoo BEFORE adding water to it, otherwise you'll never get the oil out completely and it will look greasy. If done correctly, it does make your hair nice and shiny. (: Nothing wrong with trying to save money. Use what you got!

Thanks for the tip. I hate spending money on stuff that I can do at home. It's just a little tricky sometimes. :)

I use it on my hair but I also mix a concoction of sorts. Check out my response to the op. I wash my hair twice. Wash, condition like I normally do and then wash again.