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  CutieFail  |  0

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  lilpsyco  |  16

If your legs now inwards it separates your thighs slightly but if your knees bow outward or are perfectly straight then yes they will touch it doesn't always have to do with weather your fat or not so don't worry bout it

  badluckross  |  21

I disagree with you. Many girls call it "the gap" and it is now becoming an actual thing. While I do think it might be slightly excessive to be scared to have ones thighs touch, or even to really want this so called "gap" I don't believe that only anorexic girls want this.
Just my opinion, let the down votes begin.

  seensuper  |  14

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  Jemm_fml  |  29

Funny thing about all of this is that unless you are seriously underweight with little to no muscle mass, no one is guaranteed "the GAP (giant arse pussycat)" because a thigh gap at an ideal weight is totally dependent on how your bones are set. So unless there's something called a bone job or something tons of women will never see a gap unless they starve.

  xyris_fml  |  28

470, that's offensive and uninformed. I have a thigh gap, always have. Naturally. I don't have the willpower to even want to starve myself much less actually do it. I love food. It's about bones. (PS, the whole 'thigh gap = loose vagina' thing is propaganda put out with no factual backup to make bigger girls feel better. No evidence COMPLETELY supports it in reality.)

  darkbob101  |  16

I don't mean to be rude here, but a lot of people don't realize ANOREXIA IS A MEDICAL DISORDER. people don't choose to be anorexic, it's a medical issue. Anorexia makes people literally throw up when they try to eat, so the stereotypes that come with being anorexic are really unfair.


You're thinking of bulimia, actually, or at least the throwing up part. And even then, the act of eating itself doesn't make them throw up. They eat a lot, and then go to the bathroom to make themselves throw up. Both are serious psychological disorders characterized by an exaggerated negative body image. And yeah, the stereotypes that come with having an eating disorder are extremely damaging - it is not fair to compare people who want a thigh gap to people with an eating disorder, because while the two may have a slight correlation - MAYBE - one does not cause the other.


I find this rather offensive. I can't help the way my body is. I have a thigh gap & I'd change it if I could. I literally eat like a pig & just never gain a pound. Some people can't help it. Maybe you should reword that because you'll lead some people who can't help it to feel really shitty bout themselves. .

  icagoobo  |  19

Sounds like someone is jealous of people whose thighs don't touch. There's no one way that's better or worse or means you're fat or not. Mine don't touch, I'm not anorexic, but I don't automatically label people whose thighs do touch as fat. It's just genetics, as mentioned by others

  lizamaphone  |  6

yes you are.

  Melodey  |  3

Yea.. are we talking when your knees are together or when your feet are shoulder width apart? Or I suppose sitting or standing, my legs look so much bigger when I sit because everything gets moved around...

By  fashion_lover  |  0

The touching of thighs doesn't mean that you're fat. A lot of my slender friends don't have the gappage at the tops of their thighs. There are only a few of us, I'm talking really really few, that do have the small gap, whether it be natural or self-induced. Most of them in the fashion or entertainment industry I'm guessing?

Don't get hung up about it, it honestly doesn't mean that your fat, unless they're the size of barrels or something.

By  grazynaanka  |  0

dude my thighs touch and i work out like a crazy mofo and i row. i'm in shape but they still touch because, they are supposed to do that. only thighs i've seen not touch are like nicole richie and she's rail thin.

By  Inspired22  |  11

Thighs touching has little to do with how fat or skinny you are. You could have thunder thighs and have them not touch if you have boat hips. Post Secret reveals a lot of very sad aspects of humanity, and that is definitely one of them. Setting silly goals like making sure one's thighs will never touch will just cause one angst and a horrible body image. Where does that get you? Don't think your life is fucked. It's not. I think you're life is great if you haven't obsessed over this before. Please don't start now!