By Anonymous - / Friday 18 July 2014 20:04 / Cura?ao
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  askingandy  |  23

You're just assuming that because it's a popular book/show about prison. It's definitely not Orange Is The New Black. The author knew she was guilty and never denied that fact, and her book is about her experience in prison and what she's learned. It isn't her crying about how she's innocent or blaming everyone else like her character in the show often does. Things are exaggerated or made up completely in the show to add interest.

By  Hunthas  |  17

Everyone expects people to lie to get prisony situations! any publicity is good publicity! try to make the most of it, then find her in jail and mock her! :D

  Mauskau  |  35

OP is a lawyer, one of their previous clients has written a book trying to say they are innocent and ended up doing time for fraud. However the client didn't mention in the book that they confessed twice, one of those confessions was in court which would have removed any chance of being innocent. The client is blaming everyone else including OP for their sentence.

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