By kjmsit - 16/06/2009 04:38 - United States

Today, I reached into my fridge to grab a strawberry soda. I noticed the can had started to leak from the top so I slurped up the spilt red liquid on the top of the can. I realized it wasn't soda, but blood from a defrosting steak on the shelf above it. FML
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Oh man, nasty! That's why meat goes on the bottom. Hope you don't get sick.

Are you vegetarian? That'd be even worse.


Oh man, nasty! That's why meat goes on the bottom. Hope you don't get sick.

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yuumm i love drinking cows blood its really good ans works well for rituals

ZOMG as soon as I read this I literally tasted cows blood

who cares? whenever you eat meat, the blood is inside it. some cooking techniques actually turn the blood into sauce

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ydi 4 not putting steak on a plate

225: it matters because they could wind up with E. coli or something.

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit after reading this FML

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#225 Cooking the food kills the raw bacteria. Eating it raw is like a death wish for your stomach.

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wont that make you sick?

Agreed, should see the doctor.

Are you vegetarian? That'd be even worse.

on the plus side if he's a vampire, then it'd be good...

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why the hell would a vegetarian have meat in the fridge?

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Might live with others who are not vegetarian

"blood from a defrosting steak on the shelf above it" Have trouble reading or understanding what you read?

that's the situation I'm in

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If she was vegetarian, why would she have a steak in her fridge?

That's gross. It's more gross that you had blood-dripping meat on a high shelf. Agree with #1

What on earth would possess you to do that?! Just grab another can if one has stuff on the top! YDI!!

So do you just throw away the can with "stuff" on it or let someone else worry about it? Then again,,it is easier to just grab another than walk to a sink .

do you defrost meat in the fridge?? i thought you did it on the table?? i have no idea

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you can do it either way, the fridge takes a little longer.

No, it's supposed to defrost in the fridge cause if you leave it on the table it has higher chances of transmitting food borne illnesses. Sorry for my nerd out.

we use the sink

hahahahaa! i would easily react the same way, it was just bad luck, that it wasn't soda. so FYL.

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ROFL OMG LOL That is so disgusting/funny!!! Ewwww! Next time, put the meat on the bottom, stupid.

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Ewwwww. That is fucking GROSSSSSSS!

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