By Anonymous - 13/09/2014 00:19 - United States - Farmingdale

Today, I ran one of the hardest cross-country courses in the country. I'm a pretty good runner, and I was feeling confident for the first mile. Then the chipotle from last night's dinner hit, and my legs weren't the only thing running. FML
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You should know not to have chipotle before a big race... Ydi

ZY1431 24

Well, did you go faster?


thehouseisonfire 8

My comment sucks!

you don't say..

Being a good runner, you should know what not to eat before a big race. You definitely deserved that one.

moocow398 6

Just because they wanted something quick and easy doesn't mean they deserved it. However that is a fair point and op should maybe have thought about that beforehand

being a good runner you should know not to eat chipotle the night before a big race

Dude i ran the iron man in boulder and finished 6th. Beat that.

ZY1431 24

Well, did you go faster?

Lightening the load --> instant speed gain --> victory

high pressure =>> low pressure high velocity stream===> afterburning turbojet.

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That's a very deep thought...

#37, it took me a second to figure out the hidden meaning.

You should know not to have chipotle before a big race... Ydi

Yup. Not just the obvious though. Too much protein; not enough carbs. Rookie mistake.

And he claims to be a "pretty good runner"

It reminds me of this other FML: "I ran. It ran." But seriously FYL.

madridista14 8

You could say that this was a gaseous run

You could... But why would you?

Seven comments in and no "shitty situation jokes." I'm impressed.

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Yup. Made it all the way to #11 before some asshole had to ruin it.

It seems you should either change your pre-race diet, or invest in adult diapers.

Let's go with the diet change. Seems a lot better

Reminds me of something.... If you're running down a street and you leave a nice brown streak, diarrhea.

headofmedusa 15

Reminds me of Bridesmaids