By fu2then - Canada
Today, I ran into my manipulative ex-boyfriend at a party. We were chatting and I mentioned that the guys I have been seeing lately all turn out to be jerks. He says "yeah well you dumped me and don't deserve to be happy." Apparently he has been creeping and scaring off any guys interested in me. FML
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  a1s  |  3

she ran into him at a party.
and OP can at least rest in the fact that this guy has no life what-so-ever, if he spends his time scaring away his exes guys...

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

If she hadn't talked to him, she wouldn't have found out what he was doing. Maybe she didn't know he was manipulative until after this conversation.

The guys you've been dating are still jerks. Getting chased off by an ex with no explanation to you? Lame.

  idkweird  |  0

#1: It shows more maturity to talk to be cordial and talk with an ex if you run into them. You can't always avoid those you don't like.

I also agree with #31. Now, when you date a guy, you can warn him that your ex has been trying to scare off any guys you're interested in. That way, he's ready for it. Who knows what your ex was saying to these guys to scare them off, so at least the next one wont believe it. That or he'll at least relay what your ex said to him.

  powermad80  |  2

Just remember, any problem where a guy is irritating you or messing with your life, a good kick in the nuts will most likely solve it. I would know, I'm a guy.

  Trollgod  |  13

Thats very offensive and rude. What does his comment have anything to do with homosexuality?? I understand that you were sticking up for OP but....
Just be carful next time. Words like that can hurt!

By  yourlifesfucked  |  0

see whatcha gotta do, is convince him that you wanna get back together, then while youre going at it, give him an alaskan pipeline, but leave it in there, get dressed, and say just kidding, asshole.