By Likian5 - 05/12/2012 01:06 - United States

Today, I ran into my high school crush at Target. When I asked her if she remembered me, she patted me on the head, said, "Unfortunately," and walked away. FML
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Screw her! Everyone has had a crush and it sucks that she treated you that way OP. She sounds like a snobby, conceited bitch.

"Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but you're a total bitch."


Many of us know that feeling

Uh... I don't know if I agree with you on that one, #1.

1 - I think you're alone on that one.

23 - false, OP also knows the feeling

she patted your head, she wants the D. lol least she didnt scream at you, or smack you.

What head?

The head of his household. I believe OP made that pretty clear.

She was obviously patting the mounted head of a majestic lion in his penthouse that was located inside Target, seriously reconsidering her snide comment so that she could enjoy living in the lap of luxury, all the while being able to do her shopping a mere 20 seconds from her abode.

I think you mean "which," 2. Your comment makes it sound like OP has no head.

Screw her! Everyone has had a crush and it sucks that she treated you that way OP. She sounds like a snobby, conceited bitch.

I agree. She's a bitch. Hopefully you're successful and rich and she's a prostitute.

I disagree. I don't think she's a bitch, I found it quite funny, actually. I would laugh about it if I was OP. A bitch would've humiliated him. And a nice person would've simply said "yeah, sure" but the fact she patted him on the head just adds +1000 humor to this.

I don't think OP found it funny since he posted it on FML...

16-anything even the slightest bit hurtful to a person is that much worse when that person has a crush. The pat on the head was patronizing and her "Unfortunately" most likely made him feel subhuman. It may be funny to the outsider looking in, however it was bad enough for OP to post on FML so...

9: That's a bit of an extreme reaction. She was a little rude yes, but let's not go overboard.

I meant that OP should laugh about it now that's it's already done and over with. i honestly don't think she was being a bitch. She could've made a disgusted face, ignored OP completely or just walked away and that would be bitchy. I don't think it was very nice of her but calling her a bitch for that is an exaggeration.

If that happened to me I would have been embarrassed and my feelings would have been hurt. Just saying.

36 this happened in public? I would be embarrassed that I even made the move to ask. Even after I would be embarrassed not laughing it off. She's stuck up and thinks she's better then other people instead of just sucking it up and putting on a smile and talking to him for a min or 2.

Men get rejected more than anything else in this world. That's when you move on to the next one. Isn't that complicated... Just be a man.

So this is what we've become as a society, where calling women for expressing their freedom of speech is an excuse enough to call her a derogatory term. I'm all for calling women out when they're being catty--"rude"would've been an appropriate term but a bitch? I wonder what you all would call her if she slapped a baby? A bitch? And those two behaviors are equated using a same term. Alright, well, carry on you fine exemplary pieces of 21st century. I stand my ground. I don't think she was being a "bitch." *braces for downvotes*

74- I'm a woman, derp. Obviously I know what it's like to have someone I can't even remotely like have a crush on me. I can call her a bitch because there were better, less hurtful ways for her to let him down. Even at my most blunt, I never made a guy feel like dirt unless he deserved it and even then I tried to understand his position. Just FYI.

Where exactly from my comment did you get the idea that i didn't know you were a female? O.o

Playing it cool? Ice cold, maybe. Plenty more fish in the sea. FYL

Is it really necessary to put "FYL"? OP obviously thinks so since they posted on FML

It's okay. You've moved on into better things in life than a simple high school crush.

Or did he...? :O

You just got crushed.

Ouch. Well it doesn't really matter because you've moved on with your life since then, to better things, right? I mean if you have someone in your life nowadays, and you love them and have them, it's better than valiadation from someone who isn't worth your time (from the way they talk to you.) Forget about that high school memory of her; she doesn't seem nice.

I guess in her case, she got bitchier with age..

That sucks. Obviously the feelings were not mutual. At least you know for sure.

I'd calmly FUCK HER IN THE ASS because that's bitchy, bitchier than a grandma when you don't eat vegetables. I don't approve.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

26- anal expulsive? Either way, 11's a weirdo.

Anal expulsive?! O.o What is this thread I have stumbled upon... *sips tea* Carry on, people.