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I hate it when people comment like this just to be first! Who cares if you are first! Does it make you feel special or wanted? If you don't have anything smart to say just don't talk!

  DocBastard  |  38

Haha! Yes because being drunk in the middle of the day means you're an awesome person, right?

Wrong. People who think that way are idiots who don't know any better or think drinking to the point of inebriation makes you cool. In reality, it makes you stupid and dangerous to yourself and everyone around you.


I'm going to bring something depressing into this that no one wants to hear about. My Russian grandfather died by swimming out into the middle of a current ridden lake looking for his 8 year old grandson (me) while intoxicated at about 1 in the morning. Now of course any sober person would conclude that I would be sleeping, just goes to show what alcohol does to people. The moral of the story here being? Alcohol can be okay in certain quantities, but you need to retain some level of self restraint upon consuming it. And this comment is fucking moronic ;).

  LiveLaughFML  |  10

i just got a mental image of OP finding their father jacking off on or chatrouelette, since most of the men on there look old enough to have kids. scary! D~:}