Go home dad, you're drunk

By DogDoingScience - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - Czech Republic

Today, I ran into my father. He was drunk and singing in the street. At 1:25pm. FML
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Yeah, it's funny because he was actually having more fun than you were.

Least he wasnt naked


I hate it when people comment like this just to be first! Who cares if you are first! Does it make you feel special or wanted? If you don't have anything smart to say just don't talk!

That wasn't a very involved first comment

Steps to not lool retarded and still publish first : 1. Write something quick ; 2. Publish ; 3. Edit comment into something intelligent ; 4. Profit!

what if thats what she wanted to say? is it necessary to write a thesis or something extremely witty? Who cares?!

Yeah, it's funny because he was actually having more fun than you were.

Haha! Yes because being drunk in the middle of the day means you're an awesome person, right? Wrong. People who think that way are idiots who don't know any better or think drinking to the point of inebriation makes you cool. In reality, it makes you stupid and dangerous to yourself and everyone around you.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and you let him get away with it.

I had to do some Czech time conversion... 1:29pm check time comes up with my Mickey mouse flipping me off.

The Czech Republic ayy? Crazy bastards over in Eastern Europe. I used to live in Ukraine with my dad.

it takes someone to recognize one of it's own kind. were you drunk too OP?

I don't always drink, but when I do, I embarrass my children.

where is the problem? I use to drink at like 10 when im going to a soccer game. but I live in ger and its normal here I guess

OPs dad is a bohemian ...


nothing wrong with it thats how i met my girlfriend.

I'm going to bring something depressing into this that no one wants to hear about. My Russian grandfather died by swimming out into the middle of a current ridden lake looking for his 8 year old grandson (me) while intoxicated at about 1 in the morning. Now of course any sober person would conclude that I would be sleeping, just goes to show what alcohol does to people. The moral of the story here being? Alcohol can be okay in certain quantities, but you need to retain some level of self restraint upon consuming it. And this comment is fucking moronic ;).

Lucky he sounds like a fun dad that breaks into musical numbers.

89, if we don't want to hear it, why are you telling us?

I feel it's relevant to this shit comment.

Czech Republic is not in Eastern Europe. Fail!

Your mom must give great dome

Oooh! B-Burn!!!!!!

Least he wasnt naked


Yea they never said he wasn't..

Let's hope he wasn't. OP ran into him and if his das was naked, I will never see this FML with the same eyes again...

They never said he wasn't.

Thank you for putting that mental image into my mind 65...

At least it wasn't his mom on a street corner

At least you saw him in the streets and not on the Internet.

Well now he is on the Internet!

i just got a mental image of OP finding their father jacking off on omegle.com or chatrouelette, since most of the men on there look old enough to have kids. scary! D~:}

Good point, hadn't thought of that. I meant more of op finding pics of the dad on a friends Facebook account.

Let's pretend he has just finished a stressful night shift

Proof that it doesn't take much of a man to father a child!

Pretend all you want

Finished a stressful night shift in the afternoon?

Whose your dad? Charlie Sheen?

Your dad is awesome!

I was hoping it wasn't just me.

Lets party!!!

How is that awesome? it's sad

28-13-year-old logic.

He's Superdad... Ooh Superdad!

"Haha! My father is publicly intoxicated beyond comprehension and might be endangering the lives of others! Sweet!"

6... I love how youre 13 and married to eminem

Thanks yeah we not suppose to be but we are! (Because I am only 13)

And only doesn't have a drivers license because she's "too stupid."

Oh well i hope you know that if you guys "do it" he will get arrested and everyone will want to hurt you.

They're planning to do it the day she gets her braces off...

At least I an not to "pussy" to put a photo of myself up!

I like 81's picture. So funny. Yours, isn't.

I like your comment

I don't really need people on the Internet to see what I look like and that's no basis for an argument. You'll figure it out...hopefully...

I see nothing wrong with this.

I do. OP should have joined him!

Then you are a fucking idiot destine to leach off society and contribute nothing. Pity.

Really 66? Get a sense of humor or get off the site. Douche bag

weird you remember the exact time

sounds kinda like me

Says the 15 year old girl...

Yeahhh your a little young lol

You didnt sing along?