By PizzaBoySwag - 04/06/2011 09:36 - United States

Today, I ran into my ex-girlfriend from high school at the exact pizza shop we met at where I worked in high school. She broke it off with me after she caught me cheating with her best friend. These days, she's a lawyer who makes six figures a year. I still work at the same pizza shop. FML
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BicPlease 3

That's what I call epic karma, my friend.


FML cause you're a cheating losing bastard? You deserve it.

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IrishSoulja 4

Good for you OP! You get to see what happens to assholes like you in this world :)

Rico_Mal1116 0

Why would you even cheat? Assholes like you don't deserve women like that.

#7,41,48,61 AGREED OP ur an ass u deserve exactly what happened to you and you can't "not get caught" asses like u think all women are stupid and they won't figure it out, but it is even stupider is the fact you did it (our where about to) do it with her BFF! but my point is women are smarter than asses like u and u deserve exactly what happened to you and more!

#1: That was what I was going to say!!

Alwayspullout 7

"typical" would lead one to believe that she is referring to the majority of men, the average guy...

OP..seems like you met my friend karma..sometime she can be the worst bitch out there especially if you deserve it(:

Your life does suck.... but you deserve it.

KayBizz 0

you guys are ridiculous. for a high school kid like 8 years ago was hella common. moral isn't about cheating, although it was that personality that didn't allow him to focus on school and fail at life. you're gonna tell me karma led him to have bad life choices for 8 years? gtfoh. ftr, I'm not mad. sometimes the comments on here get a lil frustrating. -_-

Flutist 3

Kaybizz, just because you are in high school doesn't mean you have the right to cheat. It is still bad behavior. The karma isn't that he made bad choices in his life, the Karma is that he was working the exact moment the girl came in and for her, that must have been sweet vengeance. Yea, I am sure she has moved on, but he is obviously embarrassed by the fact he is still working pizza. On top of that, Op bitched out. He could have moved. If he is embarrassed by his lack of education or job choices, he should have done something about it. He got lazy. His own fault.

Hey 129, no, karma didn't make him a loser over those 8 years. His stupidity and obvious bad choices did. Cheating was just the start.

I thought the moral was: Do well in school, go to post secondary education(College/University), preferably law school, and do well in life.

Cheating doesn't stop you from being well educated. I'd never cheat, but it's just not a factor.

Kn0wledge123 21

Karma's a bitch homeboy. That's what you get. You deserve that shit. Probably still living with your moms you loser lol. This is funny. Just the other day I ran into my ex-girlfriend. Shes pregnant by a deadbeat. I'm a paralegal making 70k+ a year and top of my law school. LOL

IphonFML 6

I hate how all women/girls say 'typical men'. it pisses me off, not all men are like that :/. talking to 89 btw

auto_da_fe 2

This is probably the best example of some dickwad ruining his chance with a wonderful woman.

Zedric69 3

Not necessarily! If he didnt cheat she might now have become a lawyer!!

Moral is don't be an asshole and don't cheat on worthy women with their bitchy best friends. OP, you totally deserve this. Why would you even cheat? I hope you work at that shop for the rest of your life.

#31 you were buried better than Jimmy Hoffa

BicPlease 3

That's what I call epic karma, my friend.

iSitt 0

Karma is what happens to you in your next life. It's not punishment in this life for what you're doing in this life.

122 no.. it's not if it only happened in our next life why do we say it all the time your wrong karma happens in THIS life cause this is the only one we've got

Flutist 3

–noun 1. Hinduism, Buddhism . action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation: in hinduism one of the means of reaching Brahman. Compare bhakti ( def. 1 ) , jnana. 2. Theosophy . the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person's deeds in the previous incarnation. 3. fate; destiny.

No... If he had done well in school, and had gone to university, he wouldn't be working there, even if he did cheat... Seriously, people, stop being idiots. I'd never cheat, but it's still common sense.

22cute 17
DreBeezy 9

20 years later.... "Hey. i see that you're still here"

iSitt 0

op, don't listen to those ppl who say your career fail is because you cheated. there are millions of men who are super successful and cheat like it's their right. and there are millions who stay faithfull but life still screws them over. take this as motivation to reevaluate your goals and try something fer chrissake.

Flutist 3

Hey, I am not saying being a pizza guy is wrong. If he enjoys his job then he should keep it. The problem is he wrote an FML about how the girl he cheated on is making big bucks and he is missing out on that... while also working at the pizza place. The fact that he is in the wrong and regrets cheating on her because of her money (that was my take on it) makes me feel like he got what he deserved regardless of life choices.

you see. what goes around comes around. you cheated on her, and now she's successful. chances are, she now thinks you cheating on her made her life better. she's making bank, and because you couldn't keep your dick out of her friend, you're still making pizzas. funny how life works huh? YDI bud, hardcore.


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no, karma doesn't explain like I wanted to. if you wanted to say "karma", you could have replied on a different reply. thanks

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Dallyni 22

yeah but just saying karma isn't nearly as fun or different

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SoccerRebel594 0

And saying something somewhat legit doesn't make you sound smart. There was a further explanation than just the concept of karma and you just came across as a sarcastic, smartass bitch because you thought you'd try to say something intelligent. Kinda like KARMA isn't it?

SoccerRebel594 0

And saying something somewhat legit doesn't make you sound smart. There was a further explanation than just the concept of karma and you just came across as a sarcastic, smartass bitch because you thought you'd try to say something intelligent. Kinda like KARMA isn't it?

SteelCladAngel 0

she sounded intelligent rather than sounding like a dumbass with a 'derp! karma!' reply btw lips make you look ******* stupid. get collagen injections if you want puffy lips

I'm willing to bet if you are a female that you are god awful ugly.

1215116a 14

Wow, so mature 100, saying someone is ugly is such a good comeback, and I agree, what is up with you making a duck face? I never got why people did that, it makes them look stupid. Sorry about this comment that doesn't have to do with the FML people. (:

68: Just shut your face. xo- Everyone on FML :) kthx! 100: And you're calling people ugly? Tehe! ;) You sound like a vain virgin sweetheart. :)

Flutist 3

Oh, lord, I was humming the Ducktails song! If you don't like reading long comments, don't. Move on to someone who says something you agree with. Obviously you think what she said was pertinent because you took the time to think, "This could be shortened down to Karma." So what she said was valid. Thus, calling ugly because they called you out on your lazy, lackadaisical answer is about as mature as a third grader. I mean you could have shortened your answer to "bitch" to get the point across. Don't act butt hurt because someone owned you and made a point that was intelligent. Karma =/= your girlfriend is probably happy you cheated on her. Karma is he works at a pizza place while she, the victim, makes bank.

all this because I didn't feel like a one worded comment would suffice. I daresay, all this....? yeah now I'll say "karma!" hahaha I am such a sarcastic little shit!

ReynshineCutting 10

At least you're not a bitchy little duck faced third grader.

It's because 6 has the better tattoo(; Grow up, duck lips. Her comment has 100+ likes anyway.. She's obviously doing something right.

hahaha 218! I'm sorry I've refrained from commenting on "duck lips" appearance, cause I'm sure it'd get too many likes. but I appreciate the compliment!

seems like breaking up with you was a nice move on her part in every imaginable aspect

It's funny because I just watched "17 Again" and I bet you wish you could go back in time huh? Do not ask me why I watched it haha. I have Exams all next week and spent my Saturday and all week studying, I thought I'd catch a break tonight, and it was the only movie on tv... I thought it was pretty cool.

Minx108 12

Same here, finance exams next week and I thought now would be a great time to make an FML account...

everyone deserves a chance at redemption.

Dallyni 22

yep let's all give hitler his chance then

I love how you've found the need to explain yourself for watching a movie with Zac Effron in it lol

Minx108 12

Hate it with a passion! But we aren't FMLed just yet 38! Good luck mate. ( I'm Aussie too, can't you tell :P )

I'm sorry, but I just can't feel any sympathy for you...