By dwellswithin - 20/07/2009 22:00 - United States

Today, I ran into my ex-boyfriend in town. We broke up a year ago because he "moved" to Florida. FML
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He could've just come back to visit, smart one.

The "I'm moving" excuse, that's a classic.


The "I'm moving" excuse, that's a classic.

post #69, omg lol i win!

@69, LOL. /highfive.

What a gay FML. The OP is a retard.

He could've moved and came back, dumbass.

or he could have been visiting.

LOL seriously, this one is stupid.

He could've just come back to visit, smart one.

How do you not notice that he never left? He could have just been coming back.

Agree with # 3! i was gunna say that haha. yeah he could have been visitingg!

he probably left and came back.

Why are you assuming? Besides, it's been a year. He could have moved back or is visiting. If it was a week, yeah sure FYL to the max. FYL for breaking up with him, but YDI for assuming.

well if it was a week then he couldve just not moved yet...

Florida is overrated and it sucks. I call it Flori-duh for all the stupid people that live there. A lot of people go there and hate it and go back home. You suck for putting your boyfriend through all that pain and heartache just to get rid of you!

and u didn't realize it until now that he wasn't gone? stupid.