By tina - 17/08/2010 12:30 - Canada

Today, I ran into my boyfriend at the mall, the same boyfriend that told me he was taking a family vacation to Mexico. FML
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maybe that's his evil twin

guess he wasn't into you.


guess he wasn't into you.

can you take a hint? ;]

I bet you he was with a mexican!!! lol hahaha fyl

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maybe he wasn't going yet and he needed to get a passport quick

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so he was getting a passport at the mall?

maybe he needed a passport picture which you can get at some malls

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guess it's time to breakup

maybe that's his evil twin

lol @ 7 :) thtd be kinda funny, she accuses him off lyin bout the holiday n it's not her bf :)

Hans Remoray. Drake's evil twin brother!

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it looks like your beenie has a buldge XD

oh man, if u were you.... I'd kill him.

haha he already scared enough of her

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I've heard this fml at least four times

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12- Indeed.

I've heard your mom moan at least four times.

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I was gonna say that, but I wanted to make sure noone else had said it. The only thing that gets changed is the destination... Hmmm...

Ohhh!!!! Sizzle!!!!!!! Haha 12 just got burned!

thats horrible! i hate it when my friends kie like that to me, i cant imagine how it would feel if my lover did it! dump his ass in the sewer, maybe he'll find love down there?

That was a douche thing to do, but maybe he just wanted some space and thought that was the only way to do it without hurting your feelings. I'm not accepting his behavior, just saying that maybe there's a reason for it. If he just did it because he's an ass, then leave him.

You deserve it because today, You ran into your boyfriend at the mall, the same boyfriend that told you he was taking a family vacation to Mexico. FML Nope not fun at all. I am sorry I just wanted to try it since as you can see by my name skroal is my idol.

Goodguys, Thanks. Btw I like your pups. I have a pure breed Saint Bernard. She is my baby.

GoodGuys, Yep she is a huge baby at over 150 pounds.