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Today, I ran into a former college classmate at Subway. He gushed on and on about how I was the only one in our class with true potential. Then I asked him what kind of sandwich he wanted, because 3 years out of college, Subway is still the only place that will hire a music major. FML
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Quit whining, all of us musicians know the risk we're taking when we try to make it a career.

Go back and get another degree- one with some form of job security. You should have known any art degree wouldn't get you anywhere especially in this economy.


your fault asshole

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So, what kind of sandwich did he order?

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Not true bro, I think Pizza Hut is hiring.

I think the guy may have been making fun of the OP...

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just sing the five dollar footlong song all the time. it's so catchy!

it may have been catchy 2 years ago when they came out with it now theve dragged it out way to far and it's just annoying

didn't get it..... тэнэг эргуу амьтан

everyone please google and read the top 10 most worthless degrees.

yay second

You should have known back in HS that music majors don't find jobs. YDI

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don't make fun of Tennessee whore.

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lol music major is a joke you ll never get a job and even mcdonalds is to good for you ydi

get out of Tennesse? wtf? maybe they want to be in Country Music then they are in the country music capital of the world. Either way why the hell would you waste that much money on a degree in music? What did you think you where going to be the professor at the school or rock?

that sucks. I'd never be a music major :( fyl <3

Well at least you are helping people lose a crap load of weight :D ..... unless that's bullshit..... then FYL

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The only way musicians can survive in this world is to sell their souls to a record dealer company and let the media control you. When you were majoring music, did you really plan to be rich off of it? If you truly enjoyed music then don't give up and look around. Don't expect a stranger to walk up to you and give you a job, find one.

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no, don't major in useless fields like music, art, philosophy, etc. unless you want to work at subway. I'm a Communication Sciences & Disorders major, and when I get out of college I will have plenty of job opportunities and a good salary as a speech language pathologist. some girl in my colleges newspaper wrote an article whining about how she majored in philosophy with a minor in women's studies and cant find a job. she blames our university for not "helping her" get employed. um no, it's because your major is BS.

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^^Agreed... I majored in Biology, which is (slightly) less useless than Music, and I'm still stuck working 17 hours a week at an animal shelter. Love the job but it doesn't pay the bills. Sometimes I think I should have majored in accounting or something, but I would probably have scratched my eyeballs out trying to sit through 2-4 years of accounting classes... All things considered, in this economy, be grateful you even HAVE a job. And YDI for thinking you would be handed a job in that field right after graduation.

Yeah because we all know a world without music, art and philosophy is an amazing world. ¬¬ There are like ten million different art jobs floating about which are not that difficult to get into. Or if your good enough you can support yourself. For music, you just have to go to the right instituion but there are still loads of music jobs going about, you just have to look harder. Same with philosophy. But we all get it here, you're so much better and successful than all those music, art and philosophy students because you majored in something which makes the world a more beautiful place.

#48: Look into Medical Coding. You already have the start in Biology. If you do the classes through, they have online, self-paced classes that should easily take less than a year. The pay is pretty good. Depending on where you live, you should be able to start around 17-20/hour and then it goes up from there. I know some coders that make upwards of 40-60/hour. Plus, it's a job that always needs people, has job security, and a ton of room to grow!

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ZombieKnickers you don't need to major in art or music or philosophy to be an artist/philosopher/musician. there will still be art and music in the world without an overpriced major for it. the arts are great, but blowing thousands of dollars on tuition and just expecting a job out of it is ridiculous, especially in this economy. Right now, a college degree isn't a guarantee for a job, but you have a much better chance of finding one if you major in a field that's in demand like the medical field. there are many jobs for nurses right now. the economy is just so bad that even law school graduates are working at restaurants because they cant find employment. my boyfriends dad is a successful architect that has already taken 2 pay cuts because of how bad it is right now.

Haha, I totally sound like a salesman, or something. A recruiter? Idk!

I'm an art major and just get so sick of people saying it's useless. It may not be a field that people are throwing job offers at you left and right but they contribute to the world in ways most cannot.

Yeah 'cause everybody knows that graphic design is an absolutely useless art form with no job opportunities...

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i just know your gonna be an fml again when you get out of college cause you cant get a job

agreed with pendulum. I was a computer engineering major and had accepted a job offer months before graduating, which was only last year in the middle of the horrible economy. YDI for not doing realistic research about your major.

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It's not usless it's a big part of today's culture

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alexandraa, I don't think they were saying that music was a useful field, so much as a useless degree. Those are not the same thing. A useless field would be something the world doesn't need. I useless degree, is a degree that doesn't help you achieve your goals. The whole purpose of a degree is to give you opportunities that you didn't already have, and in the music field, a degree doesn't open anything up for you. I have a lot of respect for the music business, but it IS a stupid degree.

I agree with 35. It's not college that's the problem its the majors people choose. There's really no need for over half the crap they teach at a college. If someone is good at music, they'll make it without college. OP wasted 4 years getting a degree in a useless field of study, now is seeing the consequences. Frankly, YDI OP. As for the posters saying, "Oh, there are jobs out there that you need said major for" Yes, it's true, but at the same time they might need 1 person out of a class of 20 at your college let alone all other colleges out there with the same crap study. Do you really think there's a high demand for teachers of the history of music in the 15th century? No, there isn't.

I am a vocal music education major, and I have learned so much in these past four years about the voice, choral music, conducting, music history, ethnomusicology... I am not doing this to make money, I am doing this because I love it. And there are jobs if you look hard enough.

it depends on what you want to do in music. if you want to be a classical musician then a degree is important. my sister in law has a masters in flute and grant writing. therefore she works at a non-profit and plays at a few different places.

altho, as i am a musician and did not want to do classical. I changed my degree from music to accounting. And just play and write music on the side.

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Or die trying, which may be the case because you can't afford food.

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a brain. Some of these comments really do piss me off. Most people who call music a "useless" degree wouldn't last one hour in the major. It isn't easy as one thinks. I'd love to see someone without proper training go against someone who went to college to get the necessary skills. It's so much more than notes on a page. And also there are plenty of things the one can do with a B.M and despite contrary belief there is serious money to be made if one markets themselves. It doesn't matter what you major is if you don't sell yourself, you won't succeed.

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It's not that people are calling a music major "useless," its just that in this world, you cant expect a job to be handed to you when you major in a field with limited job opportunities. sorry but that's reality. watch the news and you will realize that the world and economy is not all sunshine and butterflies and "anyone who wants it bad enough will ALWAYS succeed!" I'm sure there are many music majors who have been successful, but there are TONS of stories about people with those kinds of degrees that work fast food or retail. telling people that there are many opportunities with that degree and you will be successful if you want it bad enough is an ignorant view.

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For the record, I never said a music degree was easy. Useless and easy are not the same thing.

psh. I majored in poetry and minored in religious studies and I currently have a great job with benefits and am making more than some of my business major friends, and I can sleep at night because I learned what I love. The thing with a lot of majors though is that you need grad school. A philosophy major is great for law school. Major in something easy that you love, make great grades, and get into a great grad school program. Who says you have to be a business major to get your MBA? Because trust me, you dont... Plus it's really hard for ANYONE to get a job right now.

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b.s they let any monkey with half a brain into those music and arts courses. It's not until you get higher up and have to prove that you have talent (and most of the people they accept have no talent what-so-ever) that a degree in any art becomes worth something. On the other hand this is true of most degrees. But the Arts are especially bad for that (as you can tell, I am biased, favoring the sciences which the truly smart and talented go into) also, you don't need a degree to become an "artist", you just need to market yourself right and know the right people. There is no place for people with actual artistic talent in today's society.

Goddamn right. Go science geeks! lol.

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51, I'm pretty sure you don't have to get a college degree in music. I don't look at a Breaking Benjamin album and assume they went to college, I assume they came upon the lines of meaningful lyrics and essential practice and talent.

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are you trying for your master's after you graduate? i'm just wondering, i used to be a speech pathology major until i switched to rehab sciences (which is kinda like social work :P)

wow fyl indeed

At least you weren't a liberal arts major; you'd be working at Burger King.

Go back and get another degree- one with some form of job security. You should have known any art degree wouldn't get you anywhere especially in this economy.

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Take some tips mercy, your sammiches are terrible.

I'm in the same boat! At least you pursued your dreams! Don't give up, something will come up, sometimes it takes years for musicians to find their nitch. (sp?)

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Mercy makes the best sammiches! Hush pup!