By dinomite - 26/03/2011 12:05

Today, I quit my job after I overheard my boss doing a 'hysterical' impression of me telling her about my dad's heart condition. FML
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What an a-hole.

I would have quit too :/


What an a-hole.

You should have contacted your HR rep for a departmemt change or something. What an asshole.

whatever happened to "don't get mad get even"? get them fired son!!!

She's a total jerk-off, hope you contacted HR about this

yeah calling HR would have been much better. now that you're jobless in an impossible economy you've pretty much screwed yourself. good luck getting another job. and sorry your boss is such a prick.

I would've hit her in the mouth

Make fun of her crappy car. If she has a nice car, yeah hit her

hostile work environment

What's with people bitching about the economy? If you had any useful skills whatsoever you would find that it is not all that hard to find work. Perhaps not truly enjoyable work, but work nonetheless.

126, actually, my cousin graduated from college with five degrees in engineering. he was denied several jobs because he was over-qualified and they would have been required to pay him too much.

5 degrees.....okkkkkkkk bud.

#130 That happened to my Dad. He was in hotel management for 30 something years and kept getting fired because of over qualifications and they had to pay him too much.

Ask her if she will fight you

Soon as you realized what was going on you should of got your phone out and recorded it then sent it to his boss and him while while your at it.

I would have quit too :/

i would have beat some ass and quit too. what a fucking asshole

Go out with a bang

shuda whooped his ass first

same that's horrible what a btch

tell your boss to get a life, sorry that sucks

I would of went up to my boss and said 'you know I heard all of that' and then get them fired

agree with #1, what a prick. Did you atleast give him a punch in the face!!!

That'd what I would've done (if it were a guy though

girl or guy just punch them in thier cock koozies.

your boss is funny.

How is her boss funny..?

and ur a bitch. just thought everyone should knoe. ^-^

you'z trollin! lololol

the boss is funny umm no what an ass

trust me, its not that funny...

I like cats! (•_•)

I'm sorry, I bet that broke your heart.

No time for being punny but still a win.

these puns are getting old..

not even clever.. op u shoulda dropkicked that bitch

you should sew your boss & the company, that'll show'em

oh, that left me in stitches! wait, what were you trying to say? |the kid|

I don't know. Sewing is kind of outdated. And frankly, they might notice being poked with needles. They could sue for that!

on second thought, they might just have to sew her, because she gon' be gettin' cut! |the kid|

15: win, 95: fail

15 win 95 fail 117 nice boobs

#15 do u happen to work at Tim Hortons?

Ha. No. A friend and I went in to get coffee one night and saw that cookie. It was the saddest cookie I'd ever seen and I just had to take a picture. I'm impressed that you knew it was from Tim's. You're the first to ever know that and I use this picture everywhere. :)

whatever, you know you liked it. :D |the kid|

yep 117 does have some nice tits

157, 121 u guys r disgusting. do u really need to comment on that?

Your boss is really jaked up dude sorry bout that

kick him in the balls and when he's crying do a hysterical impression of him.

yes!yes! do this!do this!!!^^

kick her in the vagina then.

It's called a cunt punt for a reason!!

cunt punt FTW

please. just kick her so hard she can't have no kid's. then do the numa numa dance on her face as she crys in pain :{D

numa numa yay, numa numa numa yay~ na na na na nanananana I don't know the words xD

Now your boss is gonna do a 'hysterical' impression of you quitting and ranting on FML.

you look like Ryan Higa

haha thats what i thought