By Nic - 22/07/2010 16:46 - United States

Today, I put on some skimpy shorts and bent down to get something on the bottom shelf of the fridge to get my boyfriend's attention. On my way up, I slammed my head on the edge of the fridge. FML
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probably got his attention.

NOTE. That never works. Fail.


NOTE. That never works. Fail.

thts wat u get for bein a ****

She was doing it for her boyfriend. How does that make her a ****?

Yeah that's definitely a slutty thing to do. Why put on the shorts JUST to get your boyfriends attention?

Meh. Don't feed the troll.

hahaha this fails. at least your pants didn't rip

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So did you get his attention?

Trupe 3

Or you coulda went and got his attention directly.....


YDI for trying to change who you are. You're stupid. Fail ****.

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If anything, shes getting medical attention

So many things.

i dont get how showing off to her boyfriend makes her a ****

i dont get how showing off to her boyfriend makes her a ****

ha,wow. fail for being a dumbass

WTF meant ^ for #5 -_-

8 - I love Corgi's :) OP - why do you need to TRY to get his attention? I'm sure straddling him in those shorts woulda worked better and saved you the headache.

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Because she's a woman. If women are just the least bit sexual, they're *****. Sexism FTL.

ArtIsResistance7 1

Just because she likes to make a fool out of herself, doesn't mean she's a ****. You know what happens you make assumptions? You make an ass out of u and mptions :P

Comment #1 is just oozing originality

43 has a point. and ydi, op

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43 ur so hot omfg. so this dont get modded- ydi.

43 is the winner :] There's nothing wrong with wanting some attention sometimes. In fact, take the trolls as an example, they eat attention:)

Haha, pay more attention to the fridge when you're making sammiches. It helps.

she did say herself that she looked skimpy. and plus, no one likes an attention *****:)

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@5 @10 @21 @25 @38 @43 You are all just stupid. How is she a ****? Or whatever you said? She was only trying to get her boyfriends attention. Not like she went to the mall to get other guys attention. All of yall are dumbasses. Also OP YDI.

SapphireSympathy 7

hahaaha.. yeah... that happened to me... =( that sux.. so i suggest bending down in a big empty space away from shelves tables and chairs... -sigh- fyl and mine lol ;))

This is no big deal happens to everyone. Well the bumping your head on shit thing, but hey op I bet you got attention! Just say you have a huge headache and he needs to pamper you and stuff!

@13 I'm sure that would have definitly gotten his attention

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Which is why I put "Sexism FTL." Fact of the matter is, a woman can be sexual or knows what she wants and called a **** or a bitch, and if a man does the exact same thing he gets a pat on the back and called "the man." It's ****** up and sexist. -Edit- Thanks #66

Agree not a **** thing to do..

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@66 oops sorry. I was reading fast and thought something else.

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this bitchh is a nasty **** she spreads her legs open to anything! now feed meh I'm a troll

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hahaha dumb bitch!

lol just proves your clumsy and don't understand guys.

you're, lol, stupid spell check/auto-correct...

hahaha. something similar happened to me. my boyfriend just thought it was endearing. no biggie.

I don't see this as an FML.... getting hit? boo fuc**** hoo.

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Sucks, you should of been all sexy about it, like "Oh my God that hurt, baby can you come in the bedroom and see if I have a bump?" Or something like that, I suck with the smooth talk -_-

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thank you 58

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#21 very literal

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bet that got his attention :D

xdanifyx 0

bet that got his attention :D

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**** alert

58, I'm very sure you're the idiot. if she wanted "attention"(she wanted sex) why didn't she just go over n start kissing playing etc? she deserves it for trying something stupid like that when she coulda just grabbed his dick and said "let's go". And if she just wanted to tease but not please well then I wish she just broke her neck when she hit her head cause that's just cruel. My opinion, if you have a different one I frankly don't give a rat's ass.

105- She didn't want sex, just attention. I kinda doubt that she did it just to tease him. Just wanted attention.

FFML_314 11

105, "grabbing his dick and saying let's go" could be considered just as smutty. There's nothing wrong with being creative and playful with your boyfriend. I feel sorry for your girlfriend (if you have one) because, you sound like a royal pain in the ass. She's not slutty or an attention *****.

Hey everyone! It's called trolling. Suck my dick. OP is not slutty, just a major ******* dumbass. I'm just having a little fun aggravating people.

you are dumb. she IS A SLUT because if she does that to her bf then she most likely is the kind of girl who dresses like a **** at the mall just to tease n shit. sluuuuuut

twinny_sc 13

Agree with 58, she is definitely not an attention ***** for tryin to be sexy for her boyfriend. Everyone who called her one stfu!

FFML_314 11

111 if you can get naked to shower, I ASSUME you're the kind of guy to go to the mall naked. Queeeeeer!! -See how moronic you sound?


111 - stupid troll is stupid.

what a turn on....

113 - you mean just because 111 fingers his own anus in the shower he's a queer... wait what? That actually does.

ydi for putting on skimpy shorts just for the occasion of getting something out of the feidge

*fridge ^

why not wear nothing and go over to him??? then say,"want to **** my slutty pussy!!!" you don't need the show to get action!! just ask!!


haha @ 28 good one!

MrCalves 1

So is the fridge okay?

lizzilla8297 2

that probably got his attention!

that's hot,suks that you hurt yourself tho

68 don't get on your high horse like girls don't say shit about guys who get with a lot of girls. the only difference is girls call each other ***** and guys praise it

waterynuggets 0

There is no high horse here, champ. Men getting shit for being "players" is nowhere near the same as the harassment and insults women get for being sexual beings.

invictus, you're a moron. it's her boyfriend, and some shorts? since when does that change who you are? jesus christ read a damn book, idiot.

aww at least u tryed.. keep it up dough

i dont think it makes her a ****. ots her boyfriend, she can wear whatever she wants around him. shhhee just had a major fail moment!

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everyone who is voting down the comments saying op is a ****, they're all *****. skimpy shorts are reelly slutty in my opinioin......

well, no one asked for your opinion, did they, 198? (:

spaceboyftw 0

no, they didnt. this is a public site....and this is America sooo.... i can say what i want cant i? sorry if you're one of the ***** that i was talking about. not my fault

i didn't say you couldn't say what you wanted. i was just asking a question. c: p.s. wearing skimpy shorts specifically to show off for your significant other while in private doesn't make you a ****.

oh, and btw, this ISN'T America. this is the internet. which is accessed worldwide. silly boy.

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oh. sorry...and i would have to disagree buuuut whatever

... with his dick. HEY-OOO!

girls need to realize that it would be alot easier if they just said what they meant and got to the point like op shoulda just told him if she wanted sex. ps all teases should die

176!!! Oh my god, I took your advice and read a book! It was in Spanish though. It was still good! The title was: "Comó no ser una puta." Thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson.

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so you mean they moderate my comments but not comments like 139s??? Fuck FML how bout that

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why do you have a picture of a dog shut up you ******

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shoulda made him a sammich. thated get his attention.

OH NOES!!! My life are ruined cuz I hit my head after all that effort of bending down and trying to get my bf's attention! D: This FML fails so hard, I don't even know where to... :

#288, psssssstt, "sammich joke" = "a hurr durr i make funnies by saying the word 'sammich' when someone says 'woman' a hurrr i has teh brainz!!1" Just keep that in mind for later. And for life in general, please. :P

105: Booooring. Re the **** comments: If having an "only around the house" playtime wardrobe makes you a ****, I and every other VS shopper is a huge one. Hell, we throw brides ****-parties! (Yes, I know they're trolls.)

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YDI for dressing sluty. >;[

jearojas 4

there's better ways to get your boyfriends attention rather than acting slutty

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Comment moderated.

^^ Slut alert.

Aha. So apparently you don't understand the language of sarcasm. And because you don't understand this complicated language, you resort to throwing insults. Cool. How...sweet of you. Might I suggest throwing something a little more creative at me, next time? Who cares about the size of my boobs. The angle of my picture does not imply that I'm a ****, by the way. Get your facts straight before you say anything. Really, looking at your picture, you have a similar angle. You are also showing off what little boob you have. You might even be the same size as me. Hey, what do you know! You probably even wear super push up bras with tons of padding just to get that look. Nice try, on all that. But you kind of failed. Y'know, miserably.

Funny how you notice I changed my picture after the fact, when I clicked edit my profile and changed it before I saw your stupid comment. You're calling me a bitch because I pointed something out? Also, I guess your grandmother's into making her grandchildren out to be hypocrites and ******. Cool!

And I called you a **** sarcastically because I can. So I guess we're even. Are you still going on and on? *Yawwwn*... EDIT: Believe what you want, anyways. I find it amusing you still don't understand sarcasm.

Yes, yes it does.


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haha yes! It's a sexy fail xD

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probably didn't like the cottage cheese thighs anyways.

probably got his attention.

If the booty shorts didn't get his attention, the comedy relief probably did!

This is lame. We all hit our head on stuff. Yeah it hurts but big deal... nobody cares.

Skimpy shorts are nice but head wounds are the sexiest.

chopsuey_45 0

damn, I would still hit it anyways.

devildog42787 0

shoulda grabbed him a beer he would of noticed then

Karma. It's god's way of telling you he's wrong for you. EDIT: I am NOT religious.

atheism is ftw

41 - YUP. captain - ALMOST?!

*bends over in front of the fridge door* Is this slutty enough, dear?

ho-ly crap, guys! WHY WASN'T I INVITED TO SLUTFEST '10? i wanna play. ):

oh. okay then! i feel better. today is a **** day! tomorrow is a **** day! you are a **** day! i am a **** day! YAY!

you guys make my day

ikr these comments are hilarious!

selena-are you feeling okay? captain, you're a noob. friggen boob, you are. >:/

but as i have stated before, everyone loves boobs! (psst. that means everyone loves you, captain!) o: i also sort of feel like a spectacle with all these people laughing. -shuffles offstage-

*moonwalks* How's this for noob?

woooowww! i am certainly impressed. ... but i don't think that makes you slutty enough. nor does it help you contract more STDs. you're not really helping your case much. ):

Oh, well captain clearly meant I cracked 100 STDs. So that's taken care of. Now to rape everyone here.

i... would not be opposed. take me, bby!

Cool. Now I have captain's std's AND dncr's. ;)

NO, CAPTAIN! i obvi called first. -poutpoutpout-

well. actually. ahem. i don't... have any. I KNOW i know. i'm a disgrace. shun me if you must.

Oh guys... I raped you both at the same time! We can all share! :D Guess what that means dncr? You now have captain's std's. Tell me, how do you feel about that? o.O

you know, i actually feel pretty good about it. you know why? because now i can feel even more accepted! it's like sharing love. except itchier.

....and wartier.

there should be a song called "my itchy, warty love." it would make hundreds! hundreds, i tell you!

yeah. i'm so sure i'm infertile now.

Good. You didn't want to procreate, anyways, right?


Oh. Okay. Good. So I won't tell you you're currently giving birth to captain's baby.

wait. like, i'm in labor? damn, i knew it was easier then all those crazy bitches said it was! captain, you can name it.

Name it Artemis.

thepatty8474 10


She needed a friend.

Holy shit I just realized this was a few years ago oops.