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Today, I put on my new sexy lingerie to get my husband in the mood after work. When I walked into the kitchen where he was reading the newspaper, he eyed me and simply said, "Honey, please, your stomach is the biggest turnoff ever." FML
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KVKdragon 26

comments like that make me wonder why men say that. does the man want sex or not?


haha fattie, listen to what your husband says and suck in the gut and stop stuffing your face with cupcakes all the time.

it's funny cause your husband thinks your fat

Horde 8

why poor op? take the hint and get in shape!

mona_is_here 10

1. Lose weight 2. If you are too lazy, then just don't get naked in front of your hus in any light. Voilà, problem solved!

Your butt is wide, well my cats is too, better watch yo mouth, or I'll sit on you!

Hahaha! Can anyone else picture this FML? It sounds like something from a movie. You know, the husband looks up, then looks back at the newspaper and then says it.

mona_is_here 10

62, haha yeah, I had the same image in mind :D

finallyfreemaria 0

maybee she wouldn't stuff her face all the time if her ******** of a husband would actually look at her once in a while

BehindTheSun 2

Hell, according to this FML, it's probably hard to NOT see her. Anyways, at the end of the day, it's still her fault. The guy didn't do anything wrong.

White_Fury 0

He can't help it that he is turned off by fat stomachs!

92 I bet u would look amazing in some sexy lingerie ;)

fatties getting dressed up in plus size Victoria's Secret lingerie are funny.

alliewillie 22

OP NEVER EVER said she was fat. she could weigh 105 lbs and have stretch marks from being pregnant with HIS children. Or she could have scars from surgery. Or she could have lost a lot of weight and still have excess skin. it's crappy that everyone always assumes "it's your fault cause your fat." ignorant.

iSitt 0

to bad there's no hypnosis or brain washing to make men think fat old women are sexier than thin young.

That sucks. Maybe it's time for a gym membership, or just ditch the man.

klumzy0123456789 6
Brittney_E 0

shake fhaf belly like a bowl fufll of jelly. ^-^

easy for you to say since you have a banging body like that

twilight_0118 0

alliewillie I completely agree. my mom had weight loss sergery about 4 years ago b/c she was obese, and now she is thin but her stomach looks kinda gross cuz there's leftover skin and stretch marks

oarisimo 4

I totally agree with you, 104. but I have realized that the majority of the commenters on this site are a bunch of ignorant dumbasses...

this is true :) sometime women do that when they don't get much attention. what a bastard!

no 104, 145, 169 are the dumbasses. if the problem was that she wasn't fat but a scar from a surgery that she could have died from or after busting her ass to lose weight, or just had his child, etc. that would have been the FML. not that she's just gross in lingerie. You all are just apologizing for her with made up excuses due to your own low self esteem.

92 ur really ugly. you have the biggest ass ever. I don't think that's even you. owned.

I agree. I know what it's like to have excess skin because of weight loss, and no money to have it removed. *sigh* This is supposed to be in reply to 104, but it seems like it's getting screwed up.

BehindTheSun 2

184, now that just wasn't very nice.

RachelTheLoser 0

agree with 62, 92, and 104. (:

fatham 0

u are beautiful!!! ur so pretty

oarisimo 4

oh yeah 180, my self esteem is sooo low just because I point out other people's ignorance. you totally have me ALL figured out! congratulations! idiot.

184 - let me tell you this... first, coud you stop HATIN' plllleeeeeeeaaaasssseeee!!!!! second, you dont make no sence. how could you diss her and then compliment her like... your so ugly , you have the biggest ass... -.- Helllloooooooooooooooooo, a nice round and BIG ass like her, how could you even dare to diss that!!!!!! come'on!! honnestly, what do you prefer? Bone or meat????!!! i think everybody agree with me , MEAT!!! and also that her ass look good !!! i mean... even if its not her, who cares!! and seriously, like really serious, look at you first in the mirror honey... take a second, maybe few minutes...You're not that pretty yourself...imma be real with you, she looks better than you!!!! like for real, for real, shhuuuuuuuss be quiet!! im not tryin to diss you but since you're doin it for no reason.... oh ya almost forgot... OOOOWWWWNNEEED!!!!!!! but im rly not proud of it since you look 13

I love your logic #92! it makes so much sense. Since my husband thinks my stomach is a turnoff, so let me stuff myself more, maybe something will change! :D

haha itz funny cuz ur fat!!!!!!!! fyl

AceArctic 4

it might not even be that she's fat. she might be really thin

Karnezar 2

to bad there's no hypnosis or brain washing to make women think thin is in

Where in the fML does it say fat? F the commenters lives for assumptions.

KVKdragon 26

comments like that make me wonder why men say that. does the man want sex or not?

Sex with fat chicks is worse than no sex at all.

Horde 8

Not true! Sex is like documentation: If it's good, it's really good If it's bad, it's more then nothing

They say that because they want sex with hot women, not some blob. And #22, There is a line beyond which **** and masturbation wins.

Hand party or sex with a flabby cow... No brainer!

Having a little something to hold on to is perfectly fine. But when your woman is so fat that each thrust sends a wave pulsing up her body, I think that line has been drawn. I don't blame the husband for wanting to avoid seasickness. Sex is supposed to be pleasurable, not nauseating.

I know how he feels. I've got a fat pussy all over me, and I'm just wondering when this obese cat will go away.

#22, I'm afraid I'm not following you. You say it is more and then it is nothing? It just disappears or something? :/

#65, oh thank you! It all makes sense now :)

58, she wasn't being a smartass. She just struggles with proofreading. Be careful not to misinterpret a woman's idiocy as wit. 54, you're welcome. I've got your back. ;)

#85, I hoped it wouldn't come this far, but apparently I have to explain my comments were meant sarcastically and I was indeed 'being a smartass'. Will you give me my back back now? Thankyou :)

krissy8877 2

what size is top fat for guys? if your married you should love the person either way. not everyone can be super skinny. you have people who eat and eat but dnt gain any weight. then some don't eat alot and they are still bigger

115, oh I caught your sarcasm. I just didn't want to waste the opportunity to make a sexist remark. ;P And if you don't mind, I think I'll keep your back. The view is spectacular! ^-^

You can love someone and still not be turned on by them.

LOOL 58 , there's always someone trying to be smart by writing "smart ass" comments.

love_game911 0

38 u made rofl....I could totally imagine that!!! xD

#2, not all men are willing to have sex with any and every woman that comes along. If she's a big turnoff, then that's probably her fault for going around flaunting it.

You say that like you actually know what it looks like...

BehindTheSun 2

Well obviously OP's husband affected her, so now she should have motivation to work out. I hate it when my girlfriends hounds me to workout everyday, yet she can pass a few days of hitting the gym and if be fine.

Oh, so it's wrong to dislike fat chicks now? she let her self go fat after marriage (I assume), it's not the husband's fault.

BehindTheSun 2

Exactly, #34. OP's husband got off work. He was relaxing, winding down and reading the paper. And then BAM! A whale in fishnets suddenly attacks him. Let the man be.

37 "whale in fish nets" double entendre win lol um, fatty mcfatass, get in shape and be grateful he loves you enough to stick around. I know a lot of guys who'd just leave or cheat. Y.D.I.

I don't any women should be "grateful he doesn't cheat". I think that's unfair. Also, I think it's unfair that because she's heavy he should be expected to leave her. And usually fat wives have fat husbands.

meandmyself69 0

I can tell you've never been in a lingerie shop

BehindTheSun 2

Who, me? I wasn't serious, I just said fishnets because a whale is from the ocean, which is also where fish are from. I apologize of you didn't find the humor in that. I have been in a lingerie store more than my fair share, I assure you.

289: I do like myself some boy in smexy girl undies :D how much?

It's incredibley annoying when people think a man is gay simply because he rejects a woman.

next time tell him his face is too ugly when he wants some lovin

I_have_no_clue 0

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XxFallenbladexX 0

How much of your stomach actually came away from your body? o.O

I sure hope you told him thy his small penis is a turnoff too.

BehindTheSun 2

Such a turnoff she basically tried to mount him with her jello stomach jiggling around while wearing lingerie? No, I think she's very happy with his meat size.

sourgirl101 28

Why do so many angry girlfriends pull the "small penis" card back lash? Are there that many guys with small penises out there that I'm unaware of?

RedPillSucks 31

because it hurts guys egos about as much as being called a "fatass" hurts women's egos.

Ouch, that's really harsh. But the real question is: are YOU satisfied with your body?

Its not enough to be satisfied with her body. She also has to be satisfied with no sex.

Or go elsewhere if her dick of a husband doesn't want'll serve him right!

BehindTheSun 2

Duh nuh nu! Dr. Phil, on the case. Yes OP, are you satisfied with yourself? And how does that make you feel?

BehindTheSun 2

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Doing sit ups would only make the muscle grow, and make the area bigger.