By fuck gangnam style in the anus - 20/10/2012 22:48 - United States - Stevenson Ranch

Today, I purchased a brand new television. Not long after the professional who hung it on my wall left, it came crashing down on my hardwood floor. I'm now left with a busted TV, a tear in my living room wall, and a severely drained bank account. FML
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Call the guy back and give him what's coming to him. That's not cool.

Your username confuses me greatly OP.


Call the guy back and give him what's coming to him. That's not cool.

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I say sue the bastard for causing it.

Nice username

30- That whole comment about "omfg sue!!!11!1!1" is about as overused as Kim Kardashian's vag.

I don't always say sue, but I would still complain to the company. Take plenty of pictures, and have them pay for the damage. Unless OP did something really stupid to make it fall off the wall, the company is responsible for either not knowing the walls weight restrictions or improper installation.

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@52 - If you use screws to attach the TV mount to the studs behind the drywall, then barring severe termite damage there's no way in hell any TV that can be mounted on a wall is heavy enough to tear down said wall. I can almost guarantee that since the TV wasn't properly installed, then the OP will be able to get the TV replaced at no cost. Whether or not damage to his floors or wall is covered depends on the installer.

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You hired a professional to do the job, he didn't do the job well, therefore you sue. This is one of those situation where the company owes you money for doing a shitty job.

File a claim with the company. The installer obviously didn't anchor the mount to a stud (as he should have). It was improperly installed, and the company should pay for the wall repair and a new TV.

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@70, Normal people would approach the company that installed the TV, ask for a replacement TV and to repair the damages to the house (or pay for it; if it is in fact their fault) first. Just because suing is an option does not mean that should be the first step. Most honest businesses would correct their mistake without much of a fight. If the business refuses to make good on their mistake, then the courts are always still an option.

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His bank account is probably "severely drained" bc of repairs. Pretty sure he didn't just decide to spend all his money on a tv and installation.

74 - I LOVE the paint scheme on your bird!

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People who's first thought is suing have probably never sued/ been sued. Suing really is a costly, time consuming headache that may end up not being in your favor. If that happens not only is he out of his TV cost and repairs cost, he's out court fees. Most company's will gladly fix their mistakes because they don't want a bad reputation.

Or cover the wall with cheap art. Watch that. Yeaaaah!

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84 - "I am NOW left with." I.e. that is what he now has - a busted TV, a hole in the wall, and a severely drained bank account. He has not spent money on repairs yet, and has a severely drained bank account. So he "severely drained" his bank account on the TV. It saddens me that people's reading comprehension is so bad that they thumbs'd me down. Or maybe they think it's OK to drain your bank account on a TV.

Call that guy back and tell him to fix everything! That's ridiculous. :/

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Hope you pony'd up for the warranty

Umm, warranties won't cover improper installation.

Even if the warranty doesn't cover a dropped television, because an idiot (I mean professional) didn't hang it correctly, I'm pretty sure the idiot is held liable, as is the company that idiot works for.

Yea no need for a warrantee - take photos of the installation (he most likely missed the studs and hung it on drywall) and call his boss, any legitimate company has insurance for that

Your username confuses me greatly OP.

I mean look at the username! It's "Fuck gangnam style in the anus" how is that NOT weird?!?

3- what, you've never heard of fuckbutt anus style?

Gangnam style is a very high end kind of living area in Korea. OP spent a lot of money on a fancy tv. Therefore, trying to live that lifestyle fucked OP over. You're welcome. (Correct me if I'm wrong. Not entirely sure if that's all correct.)

You MAY be over thinking that, 61. I think OP is just sick of a stupid pop culture craze.

Meh, who knows. It could go either way.

I think he left out the part when he was blasting psy "gangnam style" and it was so loud that the tv couldn't take it anymore and crashed down... Just a theory.

61 - Gangam style is the name of a song. Gangam is an exclusive district of Seoul. I think a far more likely reason for the username is that he/she's had enough of the song. But it is possible that the tv fell off the wall while OP was doing the horse dance.

97, your understanding of sarcasm needs work.

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No I like the user name. That's the stupidest thing I have ever seen

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That's what you get for cutting corners. If they were professional I'm sure you can get a settlement.

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How did he cut corners?

AngryNinja 1

Yeah same question.. They paid a professional.. Which is definitely not cutting any corners

What? It's not cutting corners to have a professional hang your TV.

Cutting corners would be doing it yourself/getting a sketchy company to do it.

Installer screwed up. Then they would be liable for damages.

I have installed many tv myself and never have had this problem

Diggin' OP's name

The whole reason why I voted YDI.

32, seriously? Just because of OP's name?

Fml is serious business.

Please share that pizza.

What's the big obsession with hanging your tv on the wall. A tv stand is cheaper and sturdier.... I guess it's just my preference. Call them and ask them to fix it for you or reimburse you.

Some people live in smaller spaces where it's worth it to hang a tv if it saves a good 3 feet that is well needed. Sometimes you have to think outside the box

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As the flat tv's get larger the speakers won't be on the front of the unit, you find them on the back. It's recommended to hang them on the wall so sound bounces off and amplifies as the same as using sound boards with an orchestra.

Using the speakers built into the tv = usually garbage sound.

All valid points. Thanks guys.

Also, there are some lovely small TV stands that can still fit large TVs on them.

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That's bullshit! Have him come back and do it correctly.

CadillacPimpen 6

Yeah so he can hang his broken tv? he should be fully reimbursed.

Oppa gangnam style!

You're an idiot

Meh 8 your not stupid just wasn't a very relevant comment. And Gangnam isn't that bad it gets better the more you drink... Not very redeeming when I think about it

acetheone 8

i don't see why 'you're' being a gramma nazi. but you've failed.

It was for comment #34. If it really bothers you then sorry man, my first attempt.

49 - the fact 47 is getting annoyed is pretty good evidence that you being a grammar nazi ain't too shabby ;)

49- live up to your name, man. TheFuckerofShit should apologize to no one.

OH MY GOD everybody stop making fools out of yourselves. You're calling him an idiot for posting an "irrelevant" comment, when he was probably making a reference to the OP's username. Use your heads before you comment, people.

#67 I do use my heads before typing comment. Both of them in fact.

gmc_blossom 21

Never mind. I get it now. I didn't notice that 67 had typed "heads."

He has an obligation to do the job correctly or to compensate you for someone else to do it.

Clearly the guy is an idiot