By Anonymous - 05/02/2012 20:41 - Canada

Today, I pulled into a parking lot and waited for a car to back out so I could take their spot. The apparently batshit insane psychopath in the other car managed to completely overlook me waving him out, and backed straight into my car. FML
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Damned batshit psychopaths

15 minutes can save you 15% on your car insurance.


Ouch. That sucks. Hope they have good insurance!

robotchicken19 0

Hopefully he listened to the gecko and got geico.

Yea that's when you beep the horn repeatedly.

What's with all the fmls about parking lately? Lol

At least you weren't driving a smart car

That's what your horn is for.. Waving isn't going to do anything bro.

I bet the guy hit him on purpose

"it's that bitch who stole my spot in line"

who needs driving school?

Is that a rhetorical question..?

The_Tool1 13

Is that a fat joke?

Is this also a random, stupid question to add on to the others in this thread?

The_Tool1 13

Mrsassypants, quit putting up pointless questions. Tool

LunaDragon 10

I just wanted to board the fail train, am I in the right place?

Is this spot taken? I need company for this long ride..

Well if you gonna teach then i would just go for lesson while i do have a lisence lol :p

^^ Are you speaking a language?

Hey all! That's the spirit! Let's all get thumbed down together!

msm0220 0

Lot vulture.

Thems fightin words OP. I didn't see you.

Damned batshit psychopaths

You forgot insane!

Errr... What? Them being blind /= they are psychopaths... Blind batshit yes...

I would be quite frightened if I saw a pile of guano driving towards me. Although "Night of the Living Bat Shit" DOESN'T quite have the right ring to it for a horror film...

DrOfTheInternet 6

Make a driving mistake? Must be a psychopath who is trying to kill everyone. Wtf?

2ndSucks 15

Don't be a killjoy. Just laugh at the damn FML.

70 I agree. OP acts like the man was too busy cannibalizing his friend to look around.

15 minutes can save you 15% on your car insurance.

By switching to Geico

And giving someone a blowjob.

The_Tool1 13

15 minutes can get you a lot from me.

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quite_bored 9

But the question is: Are you in good hands?

2ndSucks 15

Well, only one specific part of him... That is, if the fifteen dollars allows such business.

60- what does that mean exactly?

And, is State Farm there like a good neighbor?

omfg_creepers 8

From psychopath's perspective: "Oops! Just a little dinger, that's what insurance is for."

Lol this reminds me, the should pull out the tooth brush and tooth paste.

They*, sorry.

xbella 8

waving? why didn't you honk.

Apparently, in OP's mind, the horn is only for use in letting someone know the light has turned green.

Or just back up when you see him coming closer?

KiddNYC1O 20

112- it's a parking lot. Chances are there were parked cars right behind op.

pinkcrayola 0

This happened to me before except they told the insurance company it was my fault.

DontClickOnMe 28

I would've honked if I saw that they were backing up too much. Or I would try to back up a little, too.

Should have honked or backed up your car!

The batshit insane psychopath probably backed up too quickly for OP to react at all.

I did both, the car behind me did nothing, result? Accident is my fault, op as long as it isn't your fault why sweat it? You'll be fine, honest.