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  Twinklestar  |  0

As it's been said, if the dog was stung by a bee then you weren't. And even if it was a wasp and was stinging the dog, it wouldn't have needed "pulled" off. It would've just flown off. It's not like they get stuck there. And even if it had gotten stuck stinging the dog(usually they fly off pretty quickly) and you had needed to pull it off, its sting wouldn't have gone into you because you would've been holding the front part of the body. This is just stupid.

  boomstick  |  0

Whatever it was was clinging to the dog and stinging it. I don't know if it was caught in his fur or what, but it was certainly not flying away. Yes, it stung me when I yanked it off. I was too concerned with getting it away from the dog to squint at it and make sure I was grabbing *~the front part of the body~*

Man, you're really riled up over something really stupid...maybe you should take a shit or a nap or something before going online. Perhaps get your mommy to change your Pampers? IDK, just relax.

  chalkrocks  |  0

Seriously? You should quit freaking out about people giving you basic facts. Just because they know that bees can only sting once and you don't doesn't mean that they need their pampers. I think you need to relax, boomstick.

  Twinklestar  |  0

I'm not saying you would've noticed which part you were grabbing. I'm saying if it stung your dog like you claimed, you wouldn't really have been able to grab it anywhere besides the front part, and bees can't sting twice, so you can't have both gotten stung. I'm not really riled up, but you're right about it being stupid at least, and I was just pointing out how stupid it was.

  abbydoll1414  |  0

Animals are allergic to lots of things. Both my dog and my grandmother's dog are highly allergic to some types of grass- but they react in different ways. My dog gets rashes, my grandma's dog starts to sneeze. It's just a different type of allergy.

  XOfiestypixie  |  0

My boyfriend's dog is allergic to strawberries. It also reacts in an anaphylactic way. I'm not too sure how they figured this out, but I know the dog has had reactions before and had to be taken to the vet.

By  Moemoemoe_fml  |  0


You claim in the comments that the bee stung twice, the dog and you. That's physically impossible, thus making you a liar.

This FML was not great to begin with, but it being fake makes it even more pathetic. I sure hope you get moderated, it's against the rules to submit made up stories.

  teiso_fml  |  0

He didn't say the bee stung the dog, he said the bee was ON the dog and he was worried it might sting the dog. He interviened and it stung him, instead.