By very punny - 03/09/2014 03:18 - United States - Odenton

Today, I proposed to my girlfriend with a ring from Kay Jewelers. She saw the box, started giggling, whispered, "'Kay", and then started laughing so hard at her joke she had to excuse herself. FML
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xivoricbutterfly 25

At least she said yes.

She sounds awesome. Good job OP!


xivoricbutterfly 25

At least she said yes.

Actually, she said " Kay ".

It never said that.

#6 Not sure if badly trolling or just very stupid....

I agree.At least she said yes and haa a sense of humor about things.

@2 if I were OP, I would choose to believe that "Kay" was short for "Okay". yep...

K? Like potassium?

thats pretty much the same thing as sayin yes

maybe it was southpark refetence, mmmkay?

You gotta admit tho. It was pretty funny

She sounds awesome. Good job OP!

#39 haha

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maybe she just has a sense of humor... though it could have been better timed

most of the time, "he's a keeper" is meant sarcastically though.

^^^ maybe people say "he's a keeper" sarcastically about you and that's obviously not a good sign

Every "yes" begins with Kay?

This is the best comment I have ever read in FML.

Same meaning?

Thank you, Melix, but I respectfully decline that claim.

Actually, every "yes" begins with "why".

FML where even if your girl doesn't turn down your proposal you still have a right to complain.

Doesn't everyone complain about finding the girl of their dreams and then her accepting the proposal?

give it 20 years

Fair enough things went well we can assume (though we aren't sure) but I'm sure the moment was ruined for him and it probably meant a lot to him. That said it was pretty funny..

I think that's adorable! Congrats on the engagement :)

I thought that was kinda cute. At least it's a yes! Congrats!

I laughed so hard at this I almost had to excuse myself, too...

Sadly that actually sounds like something I would do, I laughed too hard at this

There's no such thing as laughing too hard!

It's possible to die from laughing. That's usually too far, but it depends on the joke.

I was hoping I'd see someone say this. This totally sounds like something I would do.

Well look on the bright side you're engaged!