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... What did she find?

Well sure sounds like your mother is excited for you.


Well sure sounds like your mother is excited for you.

OP, it's not all about you.

I think she found your proposal to be a bit...corny ;)

... What did she find?

I'm sure many of us want to know.

A nickel, a bottle cap, an acrillic nail, an action figure...

The engagement ring she wanted OP to use.

This certainly needs a follow-up.

That vibrator that went up a little too deep last week.

Tell her you don't want her at your wedding then!

Thats a bit harsh even if she wasn't very excited or supportive about the proposal

3, You sound like a wonderful and forgiving child. I can only hope to have one like you later in life.

Umm that's TMI lol but hopefully it was interesting

You think this is THIS is TMI? Sweetie, remember. You're on the site where we find grandma's old sex toys, shart during 69, and where EVERY OTHER ENTRY IS SHIT RELATED.

There have been worse FMLs. For example, moms or dads telling their kids in great detail about their sex lives. I, for one, would much rather listen to them talk about their bowel movements rather than their sex lives. On this site, bowel movements are the lowest of the low on the scale of TMI(if that makes sense.)

What does TMI mean? Am I the only one who doesn't know?

Too much information. And yes.

It sounds like your mother was desperate to change the subject... That, or she genuinely thinks the contents of her poop rates more importance than her child's engagement...

Perhaps she does not want to play an active part as a mother-in-law? *crosses fingers*

Makes me wonder what your moms like

Judging by his/her picture, she seems to be a bitch.

She has great priorities apparently.

How did she transition to that? Did you propose by hiding the ring in your girlfriend's turd?

Sounds like your mum isn't too excited. Lets hope she doesn't make your fiancé's life a living hell!