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Today, I pretended like I was dead to my 4 year-old brother. He cried my name for a couple of seconds, then took my iPhone out of my hands and ran away laughing. FML
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haha, he cared for a couple of seconds? and wanted to remember you by your phone :)

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that's a good bother right there, dont let ANYONE tell you different!!

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brother* lol but brothers are bothers...

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Haha I did that to my four-year-old brother months ago and he cried my name, then opened my eye and poked it.

your brother isn't the sharpest knife in the tool box is he?

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I bet you have the iPhone 4. it's irresistable

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He'd probably actually care if the iPhone died though ;D

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lol you know you would have done the same thiiing

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32, there are no knives in tool boxes...

I read that and was going to post that ^^ but then I scrolled further down and saw you beat me to it lol. OP 4year olds don't really understand death, he probably knew you were joking or thought you were sleeping. When there is a death you have to really explain it to them, them just seeing someone "asleep" doesn't just naturally occur to them that the person is dead.

not true at all, 62. a lot of kids by that age have seen action movies and have an idea what dead means. my 3 year old cousin does. stop trying to be smart and stfu.

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This is true Chance. I also have a utility knive in my tool box.( And yes I own my very own tools(: ) But I guess 32 mixed two different expressions together. You're not the sharpest "knife" in the draw. You're not the sharpest "tool" in the shed.

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Anti-flood makes sure you you can't (accidentally) post something multiple times. It's also a bitch because you have to wait a minute to post again :)

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thats a sic joke. why wld u ever do that. its jus mean.

#72 How about you stfu, that wasn't needed. Grow up. Just because you know one child at the age of three who would see you lying there and instantly think you're dead, doesn't mean most would or do.

32, why would a knife be in a toolbox...? maybe i'm not the brightest crayon in the box...

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exactly how many knives do you keep in your tool box?... someone else beat me to it..haha

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exactly, How is this an FML moment? "Today, I bought fries and my brother ate one, FML." no one really cares about your lame life.


I do this to my dog sometimes but she doesn't steal my phone.

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74- lol but saying "You're not the smartest tool" sounds really weird

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hahahahahaha OP ur an idiot!!! ydi!!

93 i'm talking about the knife that is used for cutting carpets, boxes, etc....

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OP, you're an idiot. that's all.

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op why would u even do that?

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You can't saying "*******"? Are you 12?

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sounds like somethin I would do... the name crying was just to assure you were dead lol

are actually saying that if you found your brother dead you'd steal his iPhone and run away laughing?

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haha totally something my brother would have done... don't put yourself in that position unless you are expecting the worst : ) smart little brother you have there. keep an eye on him or you'll be in trouble lol