By jdot747 - Canada
Today, I posted a question on a forum asking if my week old nipple piercing would get hooked on anything easily. People assured me that it would be fine. An hour later I had to climb over a wall to get something and in lowering myself down I forgot about it and dragged my nipple along the wall. FML
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By  forum590  |  0

Nipple piercings rock, but it does suck getting em caught. The only times it really happened to me tho was at parties on the corner of walls when I'm squeezing by people. And some shit you get for yourself and a select few to see #4 obviously you have no self expression

By  Siiner  |  0

Ooh. I feel your pain. Got mine peirced too, and got em caught on my favorite shirt while I was throwing it off. One embarrising trip to the hospital later, I'm out a hefty load and my shirt is ruined.