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Today, I posted a note on Facebook about a weird dream I had about my ex-boyfriend, where I made out with him, then it transitioned into a vampires vs. werewolves battle. My ex private messages me and says there's a better chance of a vampires vs. werewolves battle than us ever making out again. FML
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How could anyone click anything other than "you deserved it?"

Why would you post that on facebook?...maybe tell a friend or two lol If you were to post that on facebook or myspace, of course he would respond like that!


Twilight reference anyone? X(

Well, obviously. But people often dream about whatever they have been thinking about in the day/before they went to sleep.

if i hear another reference to twilight im nuking this website and everyone here, including me, will fry into bits and peices of people bacon.

Who says it's Twilight? It could be an Underworld reference. :/ Vampires vs. werewolves does not automatically equal Twilight.

ya but then again with these posts barely giving out any info you can pretty much assume anything sure theres a high chance that she was dreaming about twilight but she could have just been having an avid imagination while sleeping

So what if it is a Twilight reference? People often dream of what they have seen/thought about during the day.

ever heard of the underworld movie series? I'm getting tired of people always assuming as soon as they hear vampire or werewolf that its from twilight honestly you guys need to broaden your horizons and read some real literature or watch some actually good movies.

The best part is where you referenced Underworld and used the phrase "good movies" in the same sentence.

and wtf do you expect posting a status like "today i dreamed about making out with my ex-boyfriend" that just screams desperation and reaks of being a pathetic loser if your still dwelling on the past. Also if I was the boyfriend I too would respond in a like manner i mean for all you know he could have a girlfriend and if he didnt respond in a like manner his girlfriend would get him in shit asking why his ex dreams about making out with him

Honestly, I know few people who gave a shit about vampires or werewolves before Twilight. Yeah, they've been around forever, there were movies and such, and of course books, but once Twilight came out, suddenly it's the ultimate "cool" to like vampires and werewolves. I can't go in my library without seeing 40 recommended books with similarities to Twilight. I can't even have a conversation without Twilight. Given the time that the OP posted this and when the "craze" is out, I'm assuming she's a Twilight fan.

I dunno... Underworld was pretty popular, wasn't it? As far as the whole versus thing goes. But yeah, I guess they weren't so much of a teenager thing before Twilight.

Yeah, Underworld was pretty popular, I guess. Hell, Queen of the Damned was popular. But since the majority of vampire and werewolf related conversations from teenagers these days are about Twilight, it's pretty safe to make that conclusion. I could easily be wrong, but I really don't care. Besides the whole vampires vs. werewolves dream, you don't mention you kissed your ex. You keep details like that in that brain of yours. Mentioning it is creepier then anything. What were you expecting him to say?

ya honestly to be that socially retarded is just . . . retarded I doubt any guys will be hitting on you for a while ( that you added on facebook ) seeing as your still dreaming about making out with your ex

Haha see I liked the whole vampire romance stories before people even started getting into it back when I was a sophmore in high school... That was about seven years ago... Now I'm embaressed to even say I like vampires because I either a) have people ask if I'm into twillight or assume I am or b) get told that I'm too old for it... Jeez since when is 22 "old"?

Never said Im some Twilight fanatic or anything, I just assumed thats what people would relate it with. I've never seen Underworld, never knew what it was about until reading these comments, so naturally I would not relate the FML to that.

Havn't Vampires vs Werewolves been around longer than Underworld? Didn't John Carradine fight Lon Chaney jr in House of Dracula? Plus, i am sure there's been plenty of comics around that had the same general theme. Anyways @ The OP YDI.

I can't wait for Twilight to go out of style, so people won't assume that I like vampires because of it... I was a vampire groupie long before Twilight even existed. Edward would pee his pants if he ever met a real real vampire.

Yeah! What the hell was she thinking, making them SPARKLE in the sun? Err, hello?! Drugged much? Twilight was first out in like, 2001. Move on people. Move on.

Seriously. You're lucky he messaged you privately rather than commenting on the note itself. PS -- Defriend him.

I love underworld and hate twilight... I'm 14

How could anyone click anything other than "you deserved it?"

YDI why post any dream on FB unless you it commented on, especially if it involved making out with your ex. You're lucky he sent a pm

This is wrong on so many levels. Jesus, OP, your a fucking freak.

at least it was private?

Op is retarded no offense but why would you put that on Facebook


Yeah, it'd have been more amusing and kickass on his part if he'd have commented so everyone can see it.

Why would you post that on facebook?...maybe tell a friend or two lol If you were to post that on facebook or myspace, of course he would respond like that!

lmfao he's probably freaked out by your obvious twilight fanaticism

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Neither "teams" are smart. You're all fucked in the head.

The only smart team is Team Gabe. And the only fangs that matter are Cobra fangs. At least that's why I'm saying till the craze calms down a bit, again

Oh, no. No. Cobra Starship has gone to shit since the album ¡Viva La Cobra! and now it's shameful to like them. In my opinion. WTCSWRTS was the album of my life. I'm still heartbroken.

Well, yes, Hot Mess wasn't a good album... But I pick Gabe and Cobra over Edward and Jacob ANY time

Yeah. Their first was by far the best album they put out. I remember the first show I ever went to had them as the opening opening band, and the crowd had maybe fifty people. I've never been to anything else more amazing. Now they have their shirts all over Hot Topic, girls at bus stops are wearing their neon stripped hoodies, and hearing Good Girls Go Bad on the radio... It hurts.

i like cobra starship, now and then. and i definetly agree with gabe over jacob/edward

well of course, hes your EX you fucking dumbass

why would you post that???

that is why i say ydi

Because she is some 13 year old twitard who was being overly dramatic about something that didn't even happen. Why are teenagers today so annoying.

Why do you assume it's a teenager?