By Anonymous - United States - York
Today, I picked up my daughter from preschool. Her teacher handed me her nap blankets and mentioned there was an extra article of clothing I might want to take home. I looked in-between the blankets and saw a pair of my giant granny panties that had gotten mixed in with her stuff. FML
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  illmatic2  |  16

6 is probably right. I remember putting on my reversible in the middle school locker room and seeing a pair of my sister's underwear fall out of it. Thank goodness nobody saw.

  Chibi_Kitten  |  24

One time I took my sweatshirt off..then I remembered I didn't have a short on underneath..thankfully, no one else was in the school library to witness my mistake..

  buck33  |  14

It's not too big of a deal, I bet the only person who even registered what they were was the teacher. I bet the preschoolers will forget about it in two days, if they even saw it.

  redbluegreen  |  40

If her kid's in preschool, OP could still be getting her body back. It would explain the fact that she called them giant and why they're not something a bit more sexy.

  Fml_FTW228  |  10

25- Who said anything about things? They said "giant granny panties" so naturally the assumption would be they are overweight (wether it be from food or the baby.) Also, I don't think you see any; skinny, fat, short, tall, old, or old boys wearing thongs (or at least I hope.)

  l0v3p4in  |  7

Just for the record, the word "giant" is quite subjective. To OP, she may feel huge, but to others she may be "normal" (if anyone can actually determine the confines that people must meet to fall into that category).

I have a classmate who wears X-Small clothes and upgraded to Small when she became pregnant. Although, I view her as quite petite and tiny already, she sees herself as "fat" and "overweight."
In OP's case, she may feel as if they are "giant granny panties," but to someone quite significantly larger than her, that person may think, "Pfft! Granny panties my ass! I can barely fit my big toe into those panties of hers."

  XtraEzeee  |  8

60- Yes, you are right. If OP calls her underwear "giant" then she probably views herself as fat. This means that SkoomaKi was also correct in saying she is unhappy with her weight, and should lose some to make herself happier. See, isn't it fun when everyone wins?

  colleenfenner  |  0

"giant" granny panties could be refering to the size of the panties. Granny panties ARE giant compared to thongs, even if both are the same "size".. Theres just more material in granny panties.

  thats_my_job  |  11

No not really. But some fml's are "ouch" some are "WTF" some are "ydi" and this one was the most embarrassing one I had read. To each their own.