By Anonymous - 27/05/2010 02:30 - United States

Today, I picked up my 3 friends from a party. One of them drank too much and claimed she needed to throw up. I pulled over multiple times so she could. It didn't happen until we were right in front of her house and still inside my car. FML
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TurboTalon is exactly right. Years of experience - I've only had to do this once. That's when I learned - if you have the urge to puke, your body is telling you you NEED to puke. You've been poisoned. It's not too hard to accidentally drink too much. Especially when you're young - your body is developing, you're socially awkward, trying to fit in, there's drinking games, etc. All stupid reasons to poison yourself, but it happens all the time. When you get that urge to puke, you may puke, or you may not. If you don't, well, you could pass out and die of alcohol poisoning. Or not. But your liver still has to process all that crap, and I guarantee you, you will have a horrible hangover the next day. Every single time I've puked, I felt better, usually within the hour, I sober up faster, and the next day, I don't feel like I'd rather be dead. Like I said: I tested this on purpose only one time. I had a lot of tequila, like 12 shots, in about an hour. I forced myself to puke, and it worked. Not only did I feel better the next day, but I realized how stupid and pathetic it was to have to do that. Since then, I'm WAY more careful about over-drinking. I have not had a bad hangover since. No, I'm no fun at parties. Boo-hoo for you. At least I won't puke in your car.

YDI for not tying her to the roof.


always bring a bag!

well that's a messy situation

that's when her alchohalic dad walks out and and says "Thats my girl!"

That sucks pen0r. fyl. You should've gotten a bag for her at one of the stops though.

That is the reason why i don't drink.

I don't drink either. I hope you make your friend pay to professionally clean your car.

next time punch her in the ovaries that will get her to throw up

should have put her near the window op, that way it would go straight out onto the street and hopefully hit something, or someone lmao

Grody, fyl for having to be the designated driver! Haha jk good for you for being responsible!

you are a good friend

Rom's right rookie always make the drunkie sit shotgun, that way it goes on your car instead of in in it.

I better see an fml tomorrow that goes a lil something like this my good friend picked me up from a party last night because i was drinking and once we were in front of my house because I can't hang or handle my alcohol I threw up inside her car Now I have to have the stink washed out of her car fml .....

yup it's what me and my friends do, whoever is the most wasted sits next to the window and pukes out of it if they start while driving lol but usually we all handle our drinks not our drinks handle us :P

Romskiis, I gotta say, you have one rockin' body lol :)

First off you shoulda told the bitch to put a finger down her throat. Better to control when it happens yourself then to have it randomly happen. Second, should have had her with her face out the car window. Teens these days have no common sense.

it is rose, n yea outta my friends he would be the biggest drinker, he drinks everything and anything with alcohol, as long as he doesn't drive. i'd say I'm the second cus I just drink to get a buzz and maintain it lol then drive so it works out :D

Kind of guess it. He is funny tho. Jessie back off it's mine lol jk.

thx Jess and you forgot the e lol haha it's all gravy tho :)

Oh my bad Rawr! Wasn't trying to poach your meat lmao :) RomskiiEs- My bad dude, <-- That better?

hey I am not just a piece of meat lmao and just a wee bit lol fafp

Jessie just don't look at it. but I'll let you think about it. lol But your my piece of meat jk.

Gee thanks Rawr :p Ill try to control myself from now on.

lmao but anyone can look at it during the summer cus I'll be a beach bum :D hmmm iono about that :P lol

Waah waaah waaaaaa

gosh, Chris thanks for hurting my feelings I was kidding. lol I thought 46 was picking his ear.

lol I did no such thing rose you are tra tra tripppen ;P lol fafp

Chris I am not going to buy you jolly ranchers anymore. and if I do I'll give you all the grape ones. I am not tripping. I am lying down in my bed.

grrr I won't take grape only cherry jolly ranchers :P fine I'll eat this bag of gummy bears bymyself ;P

rawr: you should buy some and eat them infrint of him

it's okay Chris I already ate gummy bears without you twice. 61 I will. and I will open all the cherry ones and throw them on the floor.

>= not cool at all I'd still get them 3 sec rule :P

Not if I pin you down. lol I doubt I would but doesn't hurt to try.

hmm not fair cus I'd loose I don't fight, fight back agaisnt females... =

fine I won't pin you down but I'll lick them before I throw them on the floor lol.

lol this convo interests me!!

that won't stop me unless they fall on dirt D:

:/ I want a gummy bear too... or a cupcake

I'm sorry I promise I'll clean it up:( anti flood at 3:45am!????

shove her face in it ! >:)

YDI, never, NEVER be the designated driver in your own car

FYL, but atleast you're a good friend and know that they'll have to return the favor

hahahahahaha!! ^

love ur name btw lol. Blue sky noise is amazing!

I would have shoved her out of my car and screamed, "Bitch! Puke!" then shoved my finger down her throat. THEN I would drive her home.

ahh damn that's happened to me before too. :[

damn girl ur sexy

I second 24 but man I did the same thing on my 21st. my friend thought it would be funny to do donuts on our way home from bar hopping. oh did he learn his lesson real fast

chunks!! gross

Ms_Jessie22, you spam a lot :P

44- Thanks for informing me of that :P

lol, more spam? WTF? jk :)

ok, fellow Alaskan. I've had it with you! I declare a spam war (jk, I'd lose :O).

jgilez, hey, it's you again

so I guess we can all agree that Jessie is a sexy spamer then?

every time you spam anti flood dies a little inside that's why I love it!

Thanks 59  101dan-guy - Youre from AK?

Yeah I'm from ak. To be more specific, Wasilla, Alaska. You can call me Dan. :>

#6, your hair rocks my world. Nuff said.

I guess you can let them call a taxi next time.

make a bitch clean her shit up in the morning!

fyl but good thing you were responsible and were a designated driver

I agree with #53

that's just the risk you take when entering a situation like that ..