By hitchhiked - 04/01/2012 06:28 - United States

Today, I picked up a hitchhiker. He was well dressed, and seemed trustworthy. As soon as he got in, he pulled out a gun and stole my wallet and car. All of this occurred in front of a sign warning against picking up hitchhikers. FML
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crazyj12006 3

Kinda deserve that bro.

Whenever I drive by a hitchhiker, not helping them makes me feel guilty. But at the same time, you never know who they are or what they could do.


crazyj12006 3

Kinda deserve that bro.

Bet you'll never do that again..

Yeah. If a sign on a gate said 'beware of dog', would you still have opened the gate?

Yeah... No... Lol

Always take you handgun in car trips. Rookie mistake.

People dress like that for that reason dumbass. Would you pick up a guy that has his gun showing and isnt looking too nice?

Did no one notice OP tried to do a nice thing? That at least should be acknowledged. Not saying it was a smart choice but shows OP has a heart.

Yeah, I agree they were trying to be nice, but there is a difference between being nice and being just plain foolish. Don't judge a book by it's cover.

Obviously OP doesn't watch horror films much you NEVER pick up a hitch hiker... Unless it's pouring rain, you drive 3 miles feel guilty and turn around

This is like giving money to a homeless person who's a blatant alcoholic. You're an idiot, OP.

Why didn't he take your cell phone, too?

In the current fucking messed up world, no good deeds goes unpunished...

This isn't the 70's. We don't do that anymore.

84, your kidding right.. he took his phone so he wouldn't report wat just happened dumbass.. think before hitting that send button bro

GhostDuck 30

... He asked why DIDN'T he steal op's phone. It clearly states in the FML that the hitch hiker did NOT steal his phone.

now we cant assume maybe the hitchhiker just took it too get it pimped out for op and is going to give it back. we don't what his motives were. he might bring it back tomorrow with it being worth a lot of money.

YOU'RE kidding right? You don't know the difference between your and you're?

I don't know about Californian law, but in Texas, when there is a road sign like that, it's there because it's right next to a prison. You're lucky that guy didn't just car jack you or kill you.

Eh, it's not nearly as dangerous as people think. Problems are rare, the real problem is that you only hear about the times when things go wrong, unless you actually hitch or frequently host couchsurfers. I feel bad for the OP, though. It really stinks that you got one of the few bad apples. Source: 20,000 miles hitched, over 200 rides, 39 states, and 2 countries. As a well dressed hitchhiker ;)

It's 152! He did it! ^ PROOF ^

As Red Forman would say, Dumbass!

Whenever I drive by a hitchhiker, not helping them makes me feel guilty. But at the same time, you never know who they are or what they could do.

eyeIoveyou 4

whenever my parents drive by them, I do feel bad. but, i've watched one too many horror movies to make that mistake :3

I drove by one in the rain once and I felt awful. I circled back and tossed him my umbrella. Sorry truth is there are too many baddies in the world for me to risk my life just to shorten your walk. OP, you should've known better. You are very lucky you didn't lose anything irreplaceable and weren't injured.

Even if they are good people, it's so dangerous for them to be hitchhiking!

A woman once came up to me when I was still in my car and had just gotten home from work asking for a ride. She had 2 blocks to go but told me she had blisters on her feet. I didn't do it, too risky. Total stranger at night in the city asking for a ride 2 blocks away? Not gonna do it.

drawmesunshine 17

I gave a woman a ride one time. It was only a few miles, and she rode in the back of my truck because I'm untrusting. She was very nice.

i learned not to pick them up when my step dad picked up a lady in detroit.... she told us it was 40$ an hour lol she was a hooker!!

The respectable looking ones are always the sneakiest.

mom2pen 4

It's true, most shoplifters are well dressed too.

at first i thought it said i picked up hitler

Jakesterk96 8

Thank god he didn't take you're phone so you could post this FML.

abbytequiere 9

Exactly. The main reason why OP deserves this is because it's clear there's something going on here. Normally, hitchhikers aren't 'well dressed'.

Dont pick up well dressed hitch hikers.

Pick up the poorer ones, since you know they can't afford a gun

Don't worry about me 'cause i only pick up the ones that are filthy and stink:)

Let's hope OP was poorly dressed then, because (s)he will have to hitchhike now too.

Silly OP see why they make the bad hitchhikers carry around those signs now?

desireev 17

This just made me LOL!

#6 McDonaldsworker, you really are a McDonaldsworker aren't you?

nah, he works a burger king xD ^^

wanna_bee 8

Why are people voting badly for this comment. It is humorous...wait isn't that a bone? Hmm. :)

bbedlock_fml 7

He was well dressed because he already stole 3 cars today!

he must be running a smooth operation if he can steal cars, sell them, and go to the mall all in a few hours

I think that it should have occured to op that if he was well dress shouldn't he have a car of his own

itsgen 16

Never assume you can trust hitchhikers /: good thing he didn't shoot you, hope you learned your lesson..

Good advice just remember to not trust ANY strangers EVER & pray to god it wasn't just a toy water gun that he just robbed you with, (that really happened to me once, in Chicago)

Hiii that's cool

perdix 29

I thought after the financial crisis of 2008, everyone would know that well-dressed =/= trustworthy. The biggest crooks had the best suits!

Why yes. They are called Lawyers.

gopieman 5

or obama steling our gasoline yeah anerica

hellokittay 5

Ydi. That obviously happens often in that area, if it got so bad the town had to put a sign up.

Desperate times...

Torva_fml 16

Call for terrible comments! I mean.... Desperate measures.