By Anonymous - United States - Carlisle
Today, I performed a piano piece at a school play. Everything went well until I got up and accidentally smashed my shin against one of the piano legs. Before I could bite my tongue, I'd already yelled "Fucking hell!" in front of about 50 second graders. FML
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  chuka81  |  27

Yep. A giraffe could have run into the room closely followed by a hungry lion in pursuit of its delicious prey. The lion then could have abandoned the giraffe as the cheering second graders would look more delicious and much easier to kill. To save them, OP would then start banging hard on the drums and pianos, thereby opening a portal to a new universe. Then everybody gets sucked in and lost forever in an alternate universe.
It could definitely be worse.

  interesting33  |  36

I was at a Christian camp once and the guy was doing various funny walks and started doing a Nazi Goosestep without realising what it was in front of hundreds of 14 year olds. He had to apologise later. it was fine.

  cheeeksss  |  29

I never saw the big deal behind swearing anyways, in most cases it's just a way of expressing what you're feeling; in OP's case: pain. My parents taught me swear words at a young age, but also taught me how inappropriate it can be and when not to use it.
I'm one of those who think that educating is more effective than just sheltering.
Granted, when they are at an age where they can understand it.
I wouldn't sweat it OP. Plus, it's not like you meant it.

  zaidthunder1  |  27

I wouldn't be surprised if they were already cussing like sailors. Kids these days are not like those of the millennial generation. They've become spoiled brats, with exceptions of course.

  Mike3258  |  18

well, the kids that rode my bus back in high school (k-12 school so shared a bus) were cussing like sailors and they were only in 3rd grade. I will assure you we older students weren't the cause as we refrained from those things. it was kinda pathetic how they were raised that way