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Are ya kiddin!? My boyfriend already tells me he loves me, but if he said it during something like Star Wars I'd be on his lightsaber like yoda' wanna know :P (sorry about the bad pun, just wanted a Star Wars one haha, thumb me down if you luke ;P)

  MrsPegg  |  45

I agree. When my first real love told me he loved me, I was so in shock I didn't say anything... This first love is now my husband and we've been together almost 9 years. So, it could be she was in shock or freaked out. Stay positive OP; no telling where this may lead! ;)

  Vimy  |  6

Agreed. If she's still with you then she must have feelings for you. She just might not be ready to say it back. People don't fall in love at the same rate, at the same time. Just because you have realized your love doesn't mean she has realized her own feelings. That first I love you is a big deal and shouldn't be thrown around haplessly, so you should just give her some time to get there. Better to say it and mean it, than to say it to only please you. Then it would meaningless. I wish you luck OP, don't give up yet!

By  LadyClarik  |  8

You could have picked a better or more romantic time to say it. A weird word vomit in the middle of a paused movie....not sure what the proper response would be to that.

By  perdix  |  29

Lots of women don't like "cinema interruptus" -- you should have said it before or after the movie. Otherwise, sit Djibouti down and stay quiet while the show is on.