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Today, I passed a homeless person asking for change. When I politely apologized and told him I had none, he yelled angrily "who comes to this city without money?" I replied "apparently, you do." Wrong answer. He followed me, now screaming. FML
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I applaud your snappy comeback! I bet I'd have said the same thing, I mean, what right does a homeless man have to complain about people having no money to give him?

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I heard that homeless people in prime locations can make up to $50,000 a year.


I applaud your snappy comeback! I bet I'd have said the same thing, I mean, what right does a homeless man have to complain about people having no money to give him?

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i agree

Assuming you're not rich, you're awesome for saying that. I feel really bad when homeless people ask me for money and I can't afford to give them any... but they really don't have a "right" to my money. Sorry guys, my rent comes before giveaways!

I definitely had money to spare, but it was all trapped in my debit card. I never carry cash anymore, so I didn't have any to give. :/

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He is Asian homeless guy? why did he not just go farm and sell WoW gold? Being Asian means hes instantly good at it1!

YDI, but it was worth it i bet.

He shouldn't have been rude to you when you were polite. FYL indeed.

hilarious. YDI, but hilarious. seriously though, i use my debit card for EVERYTHING, so i never have cash on me. lately i've experienced homeless people coming into places where i'm buying food (little caesars and a chinese take-out) and asking for money there (assuming, i suppose, that if i'm buying food i MUST have change left over that they're entitled to). besides that, I live on student loans, which is almost worse than being homeless because i OWE hundreds of thousands of dollars. maybe i should ask THEM for some money.

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I remember that a homeless guy asked me for money and I didn't have any, I just had a debit card so I couldn't give him any. The guy then told me that there was a ATM close by....

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That's when you say ATMs don't take cereal box credit cards.

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You WERE asking for it, but I'ma go ahead and say FYL instead because of the awesome comeback.

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I agree with #1. HDI for being awesome.

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FYL, but props on the comeback.

And what? Rich people should be treated any differently?

I'll buy homeless people food / drinks, but no cash. Loved the comeback.

HAHAAHHAHAAH awesome comeback!! XDDD

I agree also. HAHA. Excellent comeback, he totally deserved it.

YDI you NEVER piss of a hobo

I used to live in the streets myself so i understand how frustrating it is to be in the situation where you have to ask for change from people to eat...... and to have someone be belligerent to you is very frustrating....... His comment was uncalled for but then again so was should have just ignored what he had said as the majority of the time when someone is rude like that , it is out of frustration of being in the situation to begin with, you did not have to give him any money as that is well within your right.... but by responding to his rudeness in kind.... i feel that you deserved getting screamed at.....

agreed naice comeback tbh

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Because then they'll piss on you

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Hello lettuce friend

i bet he had like bunch of money and wanted more becouse he was a bastard

#66 who said he was an asian you rasist twat

hahaha, brilliant on your part!!! most homeless people have a hell of a lot more money than i do! (at least where i live!)

absoulutely hillariuos

I have once seen a begger driving branded sports car. That beggar always beg at the same spots where I walk past everyday, so I can recognise him.

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I heard that homeless people in prime locations can make up to $50,000 a year.

wow! i heard on conan last night about seth rogen talking about how he saw this homeless man, and felt bad so he gave the homeless guy all his money , and then heard his phone ring. funny thing, it wasnt his phone... it was the homeless guys.

true i was watching a special on T.V. about this guy that would park his BENTLEY around the corner and sit on the side of the road and ask for money. how lazy and pathetic is that?! :/

A reporter once followed a few beggers then trapping down people who gave them money to see how much they're earning. Apparently, around $20 an hour at good locations. A begger in San Francisco earn around $3k month. (If you can call that "earning" instead of leeching.) I don't give any beggers money for any reason, especially after my friends pulled a "study" in the local mall. We went around asking people for 36 cents to call home. After about three days, we got approximately $300. We donated the money, but it shows you the power of begging.

You, sir or madam, are amazing. You were just being honest.

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Agreed, I don't have anything against homeless people, but the one you ran into was a complete asshole. Guy deserved to be homeless.

He might throw acid at your face like that lady from Maury lol After I watched that, I was scared to refuse to homeless people.

hahaha that's a great comeback.

LOVED your reply.

Haha you genius you. It sucks that he thought you actually owed him something though...

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I know right! He threw his entitlement at you, and you threw it back in his face. Nice comeback on your part. You're my new hero.

YDI for eating dogs

Who said anyone was eating dogs? And even if he OP does... big deal. Different culture, different rules. I mean, people in India probably think people in the US are barbarians for eating cow.

#16, you rock too :) I'm veggy, so I wouldn't eat either of them, but that was a nice, logical argument. You don't see very many of those online anymore....

FYI- not all South Koreans eat dogs. I'm South Korean, and nobody in my family eats dogs.

I'd say #10 is the one more likely eating dogs, being a troll and all...

nah, i prefer COCKS. cocks meaning roosters

Ahaha. I would say something like that but I don't want to try San Fran hobos