By GuiltByTenuousAssociation - 01/03/2010 13:17 - United States

Today, I parked and noticed a car that was identical to mine across from me. I thought it was an amusing coincidence until I came back to find both cars trashed. At least the vandal realized their mistake and left a note saying, "You deserve it for having the same car as that cheater, asshole!" FML
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So because you have the same car as a cheating spouse, you deserve to have your car trashed? No wonder they were cheated on. Psycho.

The great part is that now you can go to the owner of the other trashed car, and team up and make her pay for 2 damaged cars. Karma baby, Karma.


At least they were polite enough to leave a note.

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Well ... That's America for you right there.

yes, a note makes everything better.

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hope you have good insurance.

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and call them an A-hole in the note 2 lol.

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Could have been worse. At least they left a note.

yea pretty much. This kind of thing has only happened a few times in my area (GTA Canada) and ive lived here for 12 years

well at least everyone has a reason to vote ydi

YDI for having the same car as that cheater, asshole.

wow, your car got trashed by a psycho bitch. you should have waited for the guy with the other car to return (so you could find out who the bitch was) then you could both sue her ass. or you could just cut her up into little peices, but before you do say "you deserve it for ******* up my car, bitch".

the pyscho didn't look at your plates?

@Einstein714 - somehow I don't think it ever crossed the psycho's mind to check the plates. Seeing as this psycho was of limited enough intelligence to say that the OP deserved it for having a certain car.

Oh, #69, I was agreeing with you until you went a little overboard. OP, you should absolutely trace the psycho and press charges. When the insurance check comes in, don't buy the same car as that cheater.

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@5 you like like Anthony from smosh.

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ask that guy who did it and thrash her car =D sweet revenge

@109 he looks like Ian, not anthony.

hahahahaha roflmfao at this one lol and I love the cheap excuse

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--Right, because no way could someone from Europe or Australia or somewhere else do this to someone. Six billion people in the world, but only 300,000,000 are capable of being psychotic. Well, that's ignorance for you right there.-- Well, if he was in France, for example, he wouldn't be so mistakenly singled out--because every single car on that street would be on fire.

ydi for having the same car ass that cheating asshole

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You're too smart to be arguing on fml. Go read a god damn book and leave the retarded convos to us.

blitzen123. no guy likes the slutty puckered up lip pose

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That's a great plan. Find the guy who got his car trashed, then you can both sue the hell out of her.

Yup, gotta agree with 51. Anyone in the world could do this to someone, it's not just in america. Since you posted a dumb comment then.. Listen everyone! You see this dumbass who's the 14th commenter??? Well yeah, that's stupidity and ignorance for ya! Perfect example

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the vandal sounds like a FML commentator... hmmm

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ha that's what I was thinking! "uh oh, this could be on FML... wait, I'll just leave a note that says YDI, all better now!"

my thoughts exactly. I bet it actually had "ydi" too

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Precisely. Probably one of the people who spam "YDI FOR <insert stupid reason>!!!!1!111!!!!!!"

I think it's my favorite OP user name so far.

Um, hello? I think I hear my psycho radar bleeping.

So because you have the same car as a cheating spouse, you deserve to have your car trashed? No wonder they were cheated on. Psycho.

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she hit the wrong car first lol

Today, I found out my fiancee was cheating on me. So, naturally I found his car and beat the shit out of it. When I finished I realized it wasn't his car. it's all good. I found the right car and left a note on the one I mistakenly totaled. it sucks though because I chipped a nail. FML

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holy shit, reversing FMLs was funny the first 2 times it was done a year ago. not. funny. anymore. ever.

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omg that really does suck! but LOL

At least it should be pretty easy to find out who did it, and you can press charges.

agreed, figure it out and you can leave them with more than a note. Like a big check payable to you.

The great part is that now you can go to the owner of the other trashed car, and team up and make her pay for 2 damaged cars. Karma baby, Karma.

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yah this pretty much sums up what you should! Step 1: wait for owner of the other car to show up Step 2: bond over the fact that your cars got **** up by a crazy bitch Step 3: Call police and file vandalism and destruction of property charges against said crazy bitch Step 4: File and collect insurance to fix your car Step 5: go to bitches court hearing and watch as she gets dragged kicking screaming from court room to jail. Step:6: Make cheating boy friend take you out for beers for getting your car ****** up. When he's good and drunk punch him in the balls for all the bullshit you had to deal with. Step 7: Walk away laughing, go get some late night tacos and everything will be perfect again!

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#30 you made my day! I enjoyed reading this comment.

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that waz GODLY 7 is SUPER must!!!

Hopefully your insurance covers it, and maybe you will get lucky and the parking lot had security cameras. I would have probably stuck around till the owner of the other car came back. Then you could both make the report to the police. When my sister's car was keyed up (because she turned a roommate in for stealing money from everyone in the apartment), even though the police couldn't prove it, the insurance company still decided in her favor, and she didn't have to pay for it. They even waived her deductible.