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Today, I overheard my soon to be step-daughter telling her friend on the phone that she hopes that me and her father's wedding is just a big joke and that he isn't really going to go through with it. I just dropped five grand on a dress and venue. She's in for a surprise. FML
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Most kids don't like to believe their parents are moving on. Nobody likes change

Perhaps you should talk to her and try to improve your relationship!


Perhaps you should talk to her and try to improve your relationship!

Depending on how long ago the father in this situation got divorced, the soon-to-be step-daughter may still have issues accepting both parents moving on and getting remarried. It may not be that the daughter doesn't enjoy OP at all, just that she wants her parents together again more. Assuming that it was probably just a divorce. OP also never said the daughter doesn't like her so it's tough to say.

why assume her parents were divorced? or that they were together recently? Op might just live with her dad and might not be used to having to share him.

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As someone who has divorced parents, this sound like an awful idea. If it's obvious that the kid doesn't like you, just move on. I inherently dislike all step parent figures purely for the sake of disliking them. They often are obnoxious and feel as if they should have control over you. If you were to talk to her, she might see it as trying to take a motherly role, which, imo, would only escalate her disliking of you. It's best to let her accept the situation at her own pace

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I can't possibly be the only one that thinks 54 sounds ridiculously immature.

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Most people disagreeing with #54 probably don't have divorced parents, but I do think they are being a little immature. I have many friends with divorced parents (because, sadly, divorce is the new trend) and they love their step parent/soon-to-be-step parent/partner-of-their-parent. Step parents obviously have to try a lot harder to have the children listen to them and see them as a parental figure so instead of hating them, thank them for even trying.

Maybe step mother daughter bonding time? Or you could rave about how wonderful she is while youre on the phone, guilt is a wonderful thing.

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Yeah..because giving a guilt trip to a child of divorce is a wonderful far as we know, her mother could have passed away. Regardless of why this child's parents are no longer together, she probably is already under quite a bit of mental stress. Playing head games with her would just be cruel.

Um I'm the child of a broken home and I have enough respect to treat my step parents better than that. Divorce sucks but seriously get over it. Life goes on.

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Telling her friends rude things like that IN the home and around her Stepmom, are cruel.

I agree with 36, my mother has now remarried and I do dislike him, I won't lie. However, he is trying his best and it is just plain cruel to be bitter and ruin his day, he didn't spilt up my parents and didn't ask for his previous wife to leave him. People can be so selfish sometimes, what a miserable life it'd be to spend it ruining another's.

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I wouldn't say she is a bitch. It is kind of a nasty thing for her to say but a lot of kids have a hard time accepting their parents moving on. A lot of people really don't like change and this is a huge change in her life I would imagine. Especially if she was close to her mother. Hopefully you guys will form a bond over time OP..

How do you know #5? She could have died or maybe she was a great mom but her relationship just wasn't working. You don't know that she "abandoned" them or anything like that!

#5 never said anything even IMPLYING the thought that the mother abandoned the child. I'm not trying to be mean but try not to accuse people without your glasses at hand.

Most kids don't like to believe their parents are moving on. Nobody likes change

She should have said ' bitch, please... You ain't got no fans step momma'

Maybe she just needs to get used to you now that you're going to be around more

Don't worry, its harder for children to settle with the new changes but I'm sure with a bit of bonding and time, it'll be great (: Congratulations by the way!

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